top 10 ways to talk to kids about books

Here are the top 10 ways to talk to kids about books so you have them in one happy place for your summer reading pleasure.

1.  Make connections.  

Make connections between kids and characters in the book.  Make connections between what happens in the book and what has happened in your life.

 Make predictions.

Get kids thinking about what will happen in the book before they read.

3.  Activate schema. 

Use what kids already know to talk about topics in the book. Get their brains moving before the reading begins.

4.  Ask questions. 

Model strong questioning by thinking aloud as you read.  Talk about your questions and show your child how asking good questions helps them to better understand what they read.

5.  Go on a book walk.

Sometimes, reading doesn’t have to be reading every word on every page. Book walks are a great way to talk about the book–without reading it.

6.  Make inferences. 

Bring together big concepts by using what you know, what you read, and what you think will happen in the book.


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