what is musical.ly and should I let my kid have an account

I must be getting tired in my old age, after how long I made Maddy wait for an Instagram account for about forever.

I’ve thought long and hard about allowing Owen and Cora to have a musical.ly account, and I’ll explain why I think it’s okay.

What is musical.ly, and why should you even care?

Musical.ly is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos.

People can watch another person’s musical.ly and either:

By clicking the + bottom of the screen–no matter where the user may be on the platform–he or she can create a 15-second video.

And I know this, and you should know this, too:

Some of the songs and clips and audio pieces have curse words or inappropriate content. Make a rule that your child may not choose these types of songs.

If your child has a musical.ly account, you should check it now. You should always know the user name and password, and the minute you check and it’s been changed.

Make sure that the location service is off for the account. Make sure that the account is private. 


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