words 3 ways:


The concept of words three ways is simple– children ‘play’ with words in three basic ways.

Words 3 Ways: Learning Sight Words for Kindergarten:

It’s similar to Maddy’s Trace, Copy, Recall for beginning work with spelling words, but catered a bit more toward littler ones.

Cora has been using Words 3 Ways for a few weeks now, so she understands how it works, but when I introduced the idea, I said, Okay, Cora, today we’re going to rake a really big step.

So today we’re going to start with Words 3 Ways. It’s a fun way for you to learn five new words.

Let’s start with the first word.  I’ll read it, then you read it. 

‘The’.  Cora read it herself.  Great! Now use the highlighter to trace the word. She traced it.

Do you want to stamp it or use letter stickers?  She chose to stamp the word, and as she hunted for and then stamped each letter, I said the letter name.

Do you want to use a pencil or the bee pen or a marker to write it? She used the pencil, just like Owen and Maddy use for their homework, to carefully form each letter.


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line