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cupcake classes cover teachmama.com

learn to make cookies or cupcakes: online courses from Craftsy

  I never would have imagined these courses could be quite so fun, but they are. This summer, Maddy, Owen, Cora, and I have been exploring the crazy insane range of online classes that Craftsy offers. We love them. The videos are clear, they're comprehensive, and they're fun. Online classes are a super idea for the summer--or any time--and the format of many of the courses really works well for upper elementary aged children.   So one of the things I'm going to surprise the kids … Read More...

birdwatching math puzzles: super challenging and tricky

birdwatching math puzzles: super challenging and tricky

This summer as we usually do, I'm trying each week to include some new and exciting math fun. In the form of puzzles or chocolate challenges or number games or just a new spin on old school problem-solving, any way we can pull in Especially this year we've loved the challenging puzzles created by Erich Friedman. These puzzles, you guys, are tough. This week we tried the Birdwatching Puzzles. Here's the skinny. . . Birdwatching Math Puzzles--Super Challenging and Tricky:  The … Read More...

talk with kids about emotions: | teachmama.com

talk with kids about emotions: ‘inside out’ mini-book and card game

    With an 11, 9, and 8 year old, you'd think that we would be over talking about and identifying emotions over here, but we're not. In fact, after watching the Disney*Pixar film, Inside Out with my family this summer--and getting a sneak peek of the movie at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference--I realized that as we move swiftly toward the teen years, understanding and talking about emotions is more important than ever. So I created this cute little Inside Out … Read More...

chocolate math: age by chocolate | teachmama.com

chocolate math: age by chocolate

  Our tabletop surprises are rocking and rolling this summer, but one thing that really, truly got the kids' attention was our first (we have another planned!) chocolate day. The whole focus was chocolate, and friends, it was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Who wouldn't like to talk math and chocolate? Here's the skinny. . . Chocolate Math--Age by Chocolate: The premise of this day's activity was twofold--1. figure out their age by chocolate; and 2. watch the … Read More...

smart apps for busy families: get ready for back to school! #BTSTech chat

smart apps for busy families: get ready for back to school! #BTSTech chat

I can't even believe it, friends, but (gulp!) school is around the corner. And before we know it, our schedules will be kicked into high gear. Afternoons and evenings will be filled with homework, activities, projects, meetings, and more, and our lazy days of summer will be a quickly fading memory. But guess what? There are a ton of apps out there that can really simplify your life and make your kids’ screen time more productive. Really. And to get an early jump on the back to school … Read More...