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common core 101 teachmama.com

common core 101: everything parents need to know to prep their kids and to stay sane

    Having kids in elementary school is overwhelming. I mean really overwhelming. Even with the best organizational strategies in place--for homework, papers, and family time--it's hard to remember it all. Add one or two extra kids in the mix, and that means that you can multiply the amount of fliers, homework, projects, permission slips, forms, and extra-curricular activities exponentially. So when the Common Core State Standards arrived hand in hand with PARCC … Read More...

fun, authentic writing for kids: power notes to nana

fun, authentic writing for kids: power notes to nana

  Oh, boy the last few weeks have been funny for us. And by 'funny' I mean not really laughing funny but funny in a tricky kind of way. Pretty much everyone's been on and off sick. My husband and Maddy have been suffering from allergies like whut. Maddy had it for a good week, then I was out for an entire weekend, and now Cora has it.  I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us steer clear of it.  Because friends, it's not pretty. However, in the midst of it all, we were … Read More...

family friendly kings dominion | teachmama.com

kings dominion: family-friendly amusement park in the dc metro area

    We did it. We took the leap. We visited Kings Dominion with our kids this weekend. And? It was awesome. My husband and I hadn't been there in years, so we weren't sure what to expect.  But we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was Kings Dominion clean and totally beautiful, it was seriously more family-friendly than we expected. There was something for everyone, and my kids (11, 9, and 8 years old) are raring for a return visit--already. Need a few … Read More...

teach kids workforce appreciation | teachmama.com

teach kids workforce appreciation: celebrating those who make our day brighter

    We have always taught our kids to be thankful for each and every person who makes our day a little brighter. And those people include family and friends, neighbors and teachers, but it also includes our newspaper deliverer, and the grocery cashier. Our dry cleaner and mail carrier and the folks who take away our recyclables and trash. We could be pretty cranky if we had to cut the grass at our favorite playground, so we are thankful for the people who manage the … Read More...

baseball game scavenger hunt | teachmama.com

baseball game scavenger hunt: fun for kids during the game

I have a hard time sitting still during sporting events. I won't lie. I love the tailgating and the food and the crowds, but sometimes. . . the games seem really long to me. So we've been creative in the past with our kid-friendly learning during baseball games, and this year, we kicked it up a notch. Now that I have three readers on my hands, we can do a little bit more. Yesterday, we celebrated Spring Break at a National's Baseball Game, and we rocked out a new-for-us Baseball … Read More...