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cool activities for kids all summer long: NEW tabletop surprises

cool activities for kids all summer long: NEW tabletop surprises

  It's here! It's here! It's heeerrreeeee! I'm so happy. I'm so excited. And more than ever, I'm over the moon thrilled and elated that summer is right around the corner! Though I work from home, and it's always an adjustment to have all the kids home all day long, and we have a busy swim and dive schedule, and ohmygosh I have to feed three kids three meals every single day for like a million days, I have found the most awesome plan for summer fun for my kids--tabletop … Read More...

live focused in 2015 self teachmama.com

live focused: may is the month for YOU — get started with these ideas

      Friends, it's taken me a bit to get to this important post this month, but here it is. All year long we've been focusing on living with intention, making our time on this earth really count. We've covered organization, friendship, clarity, and growth, and now, mid-year, we're looking at ourselves. Here's the skinny. . . Live Focused--May is the Month for YOU: (Here I am, enjoying my very first butterbeer. . . a dream.) We're all busy, this I know … Read More...

kindergarten prep summer before teachmama.com

preparing kids for Kindergarten: the summer before school starts — Home Study

Friends! Do you have a little one heading off to the wilds of Kindergarten this year?  Then this Home Study is for YOU.     This is just one of the many teach mama Home Studies that are short, information-packed, interactive courses designed to change your life. Perhaps you think 'changing your life' is a little lofty--but it's true.  It really can change your life--and your child's.  In the last 10 years, I have spoken at dozens of local and national events, … Read More...

Disney SUPRISE | teachmama.com

Disney SUPRISE: a checklist for parents who want to pull off a last-minute surprise for kids

Last week, we went to Disney World. For real. One of our most favorite places on earth and the kids' as well. We've been there before, and each time we've used the weeks leading up to our trip as a time to prepare with activities, to rock out some Disney word games, to earn Disney Dollars, and to build up pins for pin trading. We've even pulled off a rockstar Disney Surprise Scavenger Hunt. So this time we wanted to do something different. We wanted to pull off the last minute, … Read More...

teach kids to thank everyday heroes teachmama.com

teaching kids to say ‘thank you’ to everyday heroes

      Too often those important people who do everyday jobs are forgotten. Even though they work hard to make our days brighter and lives easier, many times days go by when they don't get ample thanks. And they deserve it. So our focus this week is to to just that--thank our everyday heroes. We're teaching our kids as frequently as we are able to say 'thank you' to the people who work hard every day, around them. Here's the skinny. . . Teaching Kids to … Read More...