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homework help | homework help desk | teachmama.com

where to go for free homework help: Homework Help Desk

    Now more than ever, I feel like I need a lifeline when it comes to helping my kids with their homework. Honestly, the concepts are getting difficult.  Things have changed. Strategies are new, and problems seem crazy to me. I need help. I need to phone a friend. I need answers, and often, I need them quickly. That's where Homework Help Desk comes in. Or at least it came in handy this week, when we were working on Maddy's summer math packet. Here's … Read More...

what I wish I knew before middle school | teachmama.com

everything I wish I knew before I started middle school: a letter to my rising 6th grader

Maddy, I have a hard time believing it’s time to send you off to the wilds of middle school, but here we are, my friend. It seems like just yesterday your aunts and I sat on the back porch with you, making felt flowers and blinging out your backpack for kindergarten. Sending you into the building that first day, watching your little pink backpack bouncing down the hallway, was one of the hardest things I did up to that point. But you were ready. You were prepared for the … Read More...

new magazines for kids and family | teachmama.com

top 10 NEW magazines for kids and family

    Friends, did you know that magazines truly count as worthwhile reading material and that they’ve come a long way in the past few years? They do, and they have. And also? Magazines pretty much rock.  They: make super holiday or birthday gifts for children; make awesome classroom donations for teachers; can be a great way to offer support for preschools or daycare centers; make fabulous partners for travel, waiting areas, or rest time; give kids quick and … Read More...

find the best school for your kids | teachmama.com

what to consider when choosing a school for your child: parent checklist

      Now that my kids are 11, 10, and 8 years old (gasp!), I feel like there's a lot I wish I would have known when it came to choosing schools for my children. Believe me, we're not even close to the finish line, and I'm not wishing time away. But looking back, there was a whole lot I didn't know school shopping before my own kids hit Kindergarten. There's really a lot to consider. So I've created a quick and easy parent check sheet to make things … Read More...

school supply shopping teachmama.com

school supply shopping: our NEW way to teach kids to be smart consumers

  Every year, we try to somehow involve our kids in back-to-school shopping. When Maddy, Owen, and Cora were emerging readers, I created easy-to-read lists that we’d take on our shopping trips. The lists combined words and pictures so that they could more easily find what they needed. As the kids got older, we worked together to find the best places to shop, using the coupons and sales circulars to figure out the best deals. This year, we tried something new. I knew … Read More...