5 cool ways to use halloween candy (other than eat all it immediately)

We all want to eat our kids’ Halloween candy.5 ways to use halloween candy

At least I do.

But we can’t.

So here are 5 cool ways to use Halloween candy–other than eating it all immediately which is sometimes what I feel like doing.

And when we play with, sort, mash, soak, paint with, or save the Halloween candy, the whole world is more sunny.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • 5 Cool Ways to Use Halloween Candy (Other Than Eat It All Immediately):

5 cool ways to use halloween candy (other than eat all it immediately)


1.  Make a Candy Countdown Put some egg cartons to use and let the kids choose their favorites so they can grab a dessert for their lunchbox or after dinner for a few days.

2.  Paint with it.  Seriously. It’s fun–and it’s a great way for your kids to take a look at how ink, coloring, and dyes are used in food.

3.  Perform some seriously cool science experiments on it.   It’s more exciting than you think–and it’s worth doing every single year. Guaranteed if you do, your kiddos will get something new from it each and every time.

5 cool ways to use halloween candy (other than eat all it immediately)

4. Save it for holiday cookies.  We always set aside a bunch of Halloween candy to use for our Fancy Pretzels, cookies, and gingerbread houses.

5.  Play some games with it.  Halloween candy is perfect for sneaky math games like sorting, counting, and more—who knew Halloween candy could provide so much learning fun?!  It really is okay to play with your food!

Don’t forget that it’s also cool to give it away–sell it back to your dentist if she runs a Buy-Back program like ours, send it overseas to our military, or give it to someone you think might really want–or need it.

These are just a few ways that we use our–I mean, the kids‘–Halloween candy for learning, fun, and for other great uses.   Three cheers for Halloween candy!




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