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Maddy, Owen, and Cora have loved the Word a Day we’ve been doing for the past two weeks–more than I anticipated and much to my surprise. 

It’s been funny to see which kiddo is the first to remember to flip the card or ask how to pronounce the word as we’re throwing back cereal on our way out the door to swim and dive.

And the incentive of a gem (or two) when they actually use the word throughout the day hasn’t hurt the word-consciousness cause, either. It’s made it more of a game, and my kids pretty much dig games.

So when I reminded them that they all could help choose the words we covered in the next batch, they were pretty excited.

I’ve had a word of the day list on the fridge since we started, and every now and again Maddy would add a word. But when we sit down every so often to write down some words together, undoubtedly, the kids come up with some pretty super ones.


We have all contributed to this set of Word a Day cards. . .


  • word a day cards set 2 teachmama.com: So today, though I’m not sharing an activity per se, I’m sharing Word a Day Cards, set numero dos. It’s a list created mostly though the words that Maddy, Owen, Cora, and I have encountered in the past two weeks.

We’ve added words that we read in the newspaper, that we’ve heard in conversation, and that the kids have learned on Word Girl.


. . . so everyone’s a bit more invested.


word a day cards set 2 teachmama.com–ready to be cut and hung!

 And that’s it–just another little way we’re having a word conscious, word-happy summer!


Want to check out the first set of Word a Day Cards? Click on the image:





Please join us and share YOUR ideas! We’d love for you to share your ideas as part of our Smart Summer Challenge!  You can add a link to a post on your blog or even a photo set on Flickr or any types of publicly viewable “journal” entry on a social media or community site.

Not a blogger? If you do not have access to posting entries on any public site, you can also leave a comment on this post, sharing the learning opportunities you incorporated into your week with your children.

Your post (or comment) can be something from your archives that speaks to our theme for the week (Government) or it can just be a general post about how you are fitting fun learning into your summer activities. You can find our weekly themes on our calendar of ideas but ANY learning activities, big or small, are welcomed!

Just add your link(s) (as many relevant links as you would like) to a our Smart Summer Challenge Week 2 Link-up, and you’re in the mix!





  1. Julie says

    Love the word of the day list to encourage the kiddos to have the ears listening for new words to include on the word cards- great way to help them take ownership of the activity. Will definitely use that this week. Also, to reinforce the words we’ve discussed this past week I’m thinking of making a weekly crossword (for the older guys) or word/letter hunt (for the little one) using the words. We are all clearly on the look out for new words that interest us and that makes me very excited!!

    • amy says

      JULIE!! Such a great idea to make a crossword as an extension. I’m totally doing that. And I meant to email you back earlier this week, but if you guys come up with great words, let me know–I’ll add them for the final set!! xo


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