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best of teach mama countdown: #6 — learning with recyclables

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learning with recyclablesOne of these days I’m going to share where and how we store the recyclables that we manage to save from the big blue bin over here.

But until then, I’ll share the #6 most popular teach mama post of all-time: how to use recyclables with kids–get fun, crafty, creative.

I think people have responded positively to this one because it’s all about sneaking in some learning and fun with ‘stuff’ that costs next to nothing. Stuff you’re going to get out of the house anyway. Stuff that you don’t feel bad about using, losing, or tossing after a few tries.

I think people appreciate having a use for these kinds of containers because really, it kind of makes sense to get as much use out of something as possible, right?

This little ole post of ours was even made into a fancy-schmancy, totally fun video on Mom’s Homeroom this year, so it’s something I hold near and dear to my heart.

It’s an earth-friendly numero seis.

Here we go. . .


learning with recyclables how to use recyclables with kids–get fun, crafty, creative


Many of my friends have said, Seriously, Amy, why didn’t I think of saving those yogurt cups? or Smart idea to use those play-doh containers for sand toys–who cares if you lose one, right? And I’m totally not sharing this to toot my own horn; I’m sharing it because these are things we all can do–things we all can save and bring back to life in new and exciting ways for our kids.

I grew up with an extremely creative and resourceful mom–she kept things most people didn’t keep and taught us to use them in cool, new ways. We played with buttons, ribbons, material, and boxes like they were million dollar toys. Don’t get me wrong; we had Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbies and Legos, but sometimes, the ‘untoys’ were just as cool.

So read the original post to find the things you should consider keeping instead of immediately throwing into the recycling bin, starting now.


Tomorrow: teach mama’s top 10 all-time best countdown, #5.

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