#blog4cause: family giving ideas, week 1

practice giving with your family: #blog4cause

Welcome to #blog4cause: * November & December 2012 *

We’re one week into our #blog4cause, and it’s clear through the ideas already linked up and the conversations we’ve had on our social media platforms (you can always follow #blog4cause) that our friends and their kiddos are en fuego. On fire.

Each Saturday we’ll check in as a reminder to continue the conversation, let you know how we’re doing and what we’re up to–and eventually we’ll start sharing our tallies of funds collected, resources gathered, hours volunteered–you name it.   And remember that all of the information you will ever need for participating in #blog4cause is here on the original post: http://bit.ly/blog4causemain

This week, we’re rockin and rollin with our brand new #blog4cause Pinterest board–just another place to see some of the great ideas gathered in one safe and happy little spot.  Please go ahead and give it a follow so you stay on top of the #blog4caus game!

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • #blog4cause Pinterest Board of Family Giving Ideas: Each week, while Allie highlights one or two super ideas on her blog, I’ll pin a few great ideas onto our #blog4cause board.

#blog4cause pinterest board

So simple, I know. But for a gal who loves–and perpetually strives for–organization, Pinterest boards usually do the trick.

#blog4cause pinterest board

Many, many thanks for participating in #blog4cause — we look forward to learning from you!



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