you buy one, we GIVE1 — the mother company

you buy one we give1 the mother co

From now until the end of the year, the amazing people at The Mother Company are running a rockstar promotion that I think everyone will love.

It’s learning in the every day times a hundred.

It’s parenting support that makes me want to dance.

It’s holiday giving to the max.

It’s a teaching dream.

It’s thinking about others, sharing some awesome, and serious, all-around cool.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • You Buy One, We GIVE One–The Mother Company:  Love this.

The Mother Company will donate the same product you buy to the preschool of your choice.  And wherever a preschool is not designated, they’ll donate the product to HeadStart.

So whether you’re scrambling for a holiday gift for teachers or need something more for your own kids’ stockings, consider checking them out.

I’ve shared my love for The Safety Show.

I still totally love it.

you buy one we give1 the mother coI also truly love The Friendship Show and The Feelings Show.   All three shows are extremely well done; they are engaging, smart, and clever ways of teaching kids super-important skills: empathy, understanding, conflict resolution, and more.

Kids of all ages will appreciate the ideas in these shows. Maddy, who just turned 10, Owen, 8, and Cora, 6 years old, have all watched these several times in the last few months.   They’re quality products, and kids as young as 3 or 4 would love them.

All three can be purchased in a huge money-saving set of three: Ruby’s Studio 3 DVD Holiday Gift Pack.

Or add some related books to the DVDs with the gift sets.

Whatever you choose, if you enter the code: GIVE1 at checkout, and your purchase will be doubled. You get what you purchased (of course!) and you let The Mother Company know what preschool you want your second item to go to, and bam. It’s done.  Everybody’s happy.

Whether your kids are still in preschool, or you choose to gift a preschool in your community, or the HeadStart program, this is a seriously big win in my book.teach kids to be smart strong safe


But really? The big winners are all of the littles who get to view these stellar products.

Thank you to The Mother Company for thinking about them.


fyi: I do work with The Mother Company as part of their ambassador program, but as always, my opinions and ideas are truly my own, influenced only by my experience as a parent and educator.  I just really think these products and this promo rocks.



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