daniel tiger’s neighborhood: quality programming for preschoolers

daniel tigers neighborhoodWhen something seems bad, turn it around. . .
                          . . . and find something good.

I like it.

And I know my kids would love it too–and even if they didn’t like it, it would be so engrained in their memories after watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, that most likely it would come to mind when they really needed to ‘find something good’ in a bad situation.

Right? I think so.

That’s the cool thing about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and why I’m so thrilled about this program; it’s a new animated series for children ages 2-4, produced by the Fred Rogers Company.

It’s a new-for-us program that my kiddos totally enjoyed, though they are (wah!) past the preschool age.

I’ve got a lot to say about the awesomeness that is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I even have a cool giveaway thanks to our friends at PBS Kids!

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood–Quality Programming for Preschoolers: I had the pleasure of learning all about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood when I attended the PBS Annual Meeting in Denver last May, so I’m thrilled to share what I know.

Take a quick look:

I’m in awe of the resources available on PBS Kids that support the program, and I’m sure most other parents and teachers will be also.

Be sure to check out:

A few fun facts about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:

  • the show premiers September 3–Labor Day–with two back-to-back episodes;
  • the series will air daily after the premier.  Find out when you can see the show: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood schedule.
  • The show supports what Fred Rogers believed: ‘social and emotional competencies are the building blocks of doing well in life’.
  • Each show will feature two stories that center on a common early learning theme.
  • Catchy, musical ‘strategies’ will reinforce that theme.
  • Every story has an ‘imagination moment’ where Daniel uses his imagination to better understand a situation.
  • Angela Santomero, of Blue’s Clues & SuperWHY!, and Kevin Morrison, of The Fred Rogers Company, are executive producers of the show.
  • Online resources will be available for parents and teachers to complement each episode (and they’re fabulous!):

Look for:

  • Daniel’s red sweater! (It’s just like Mr. Rogers’ sweater!).
  • Daniel Tiger’s friends–they’re the next generation of characters from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood:
    • Daniel’s best friend? O the Owl who lives with his Uncle X;
    • Katerina Kittycat is the daughter of Henrietta Pussycat;
    • Prince Wednesday is the son of King Friday!
  • The red trolley is STILL truckin’ along!

And just for kicks, here’s a few photos of the PBS Annual Meeting in Denver: 


Giveaway is closed! Many thanks for your interest–but we are ALL winners because everyone can catch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS!

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Do you want to win a Daniel Tiger fun pack?!  SURE you do!!

  • All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what you remember most–and loved–about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood!

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fyi: This is an unsponsored post, which I wrote as an advocate of worthwhile programming for kids.  I’m also all for finding fabulous–free!–resources for parents and teachers.  I am a PBS Kids VIP and did attend the PBS Annual Meeting on behalf of PBS; many thanks to PBS for covering travel and lodging.




  1. says

    My kids found this on pbskids.com and as they were watching I started noticing something very familiar about the song. It wasn’t until it stopped and was stuck in my head that I was like Hey! That’s Mr Rogers! I’m still not sure about the show, I’ll have to watch it with them to see if it is as good as Mr Rogers was.

    I remember most an episode of Mr Rogers when he made “peanut butter” by smashing peanuts and butter together in a bag. It looked so gross! But seemed fun to do. I love that he was always so calm and soft spoken and positive. I hope this new show carries the same themes.

  2. Valerie B says

    I loved the songs on the show and I liked the episodes where they made snacks in the kitchen.

  3. says

    I liked the simplicity and way topics were addressed. Would love to see more of that type of programming for kids in the world.

  4. Cheryl says

    I loved Mr. Rogers! The song still stays with me and I loved taking a ‘ride’ on the Trolley. :)

  5. Mandy says

    I remember feeling safe in a childhood that was anything but. I adored X the Owl, Henrietta Pussycat, and Daniel the Tiger.

    I loved, too, watching how crayons are made.

  6. Pamela S. says

    More than anything I remember the trolley, and the overall happy feeling I got when watching. So glad the new show is staying true to the original.

  7. Jennifer Boyd says

    What wasn’t there to love about Mr. Rogers. I believe Sesame Street was on first followed by Mr. Rogers, and having parents that were both teachers, these shows were a staple in my household! So many things I LOVED! I loved Trolley, but I also LOVED when he brought out his miniatures from the shelf in the kitchen of the neighborhood of make believe! I loved his creativity…teaching us small crafts or playing in the sandbox out back. Feeding the fish, and yes Picture Picture! I still try to find the videos online that he showed to share with my students today! I’m curious and want to know how things are made like crayons and musical instruments! He was so kind, soft spoken, and I truly felt cared about. And I can still sing most of the songs even today!!! What I got from Mr. Rogers…PRICELESS!

  8. says

    The trolley was always my favorite and it always made me laugh.
    I just saw a promo for Daniel Tiger on our local PBS channel. They’re adding it to our morning lineup and I’m very curious to check it out. Looks very cute.

  9. Tish N. says

    The trolley, all the songs and of course watching Mr. Rogers put on his sweater and his shoes every show!

  10. Annette says

    I got to meet Mr. McFeeley this year at a PBS Kids in the Park that our local PBS station sponsored. It was fun to meet him and introduce my kids to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood afterwards.

  11. Carissa H. says

    I just loved his voice….it was so caring, soft, reassuring and he just made everything better!

  12. Jeff q says

    His message was so positive and he really seemed to focus on every individual watching his show. Can’t wait to show this to my 2 year old!

  13. Tawa says

    My Kids lately found this on PBS kids and I was thinking the songs reminded me of Mr. Rogers and so it turned out to be a spinoff. The kids really love it and they’re past preschool age.

  14. Tracy Faris says

    Honestly I loved the song and watching him toss his shoes back and forth from hand to hand and changing his sweater. It was just the nicest show. I wanted him to live next door!

  15. Kristine says

    My favorite part of Mr. Rogers was the gentle nature of the show – the mellow piano music, Mr. Roger’s voice, the sweet puppets, etc.

  16. Jodi says

    I remember the tours he took of the crayon factory and other places to show how things were made. That was so interesting! The best part was when he fed the fish!

  17. Jenny says

    This is crazy, but I always liked Mr. Rogers’s blue kitchen cabinets! I really liked the trolley, too.

  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    My favorite part was always the puppets! It was always very positive, something i’d love to let my children watch!

  19. Stephanie O says

    I just loved how friendly the show always was. If I had a bad day, Mr. Rogers always put a smile back on my face and made me feel so much better.

  20. Sarah Hegemier says

    I remember hanging out with my cousin at my house and watching Mr. Rodgers everyday. Our favorite part was when he would feed the fish:) can’t wait to watch the new show with my kids:)

  21. Christine says

    I’m so excited for the premiere of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”, I am sure it will quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite shows! The one thing I remember most about Mister Rogers is the opening, how he always greeted you while changing his shoes and putting on his sweater!

  22. says

    My favorite Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood memory is the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” song. I saw it on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and started crying. I really just loved Mr. Rogers and the show. The Land of Make Believe is also a wonderful memory to me because imagination is important. I am so happy about this show carrying on the Mr. Rogers name.

  23. Jackie Hall says

    Mr. Rogers was one of my favorites because he encouraged creativity and uniqueness, and then showed you others who were examples of that.

  24. Rose says

    What I remember about Mr. Rogers is that he spoke very gently about all subjects that were important to young children (and often to adults). He talked about things through music and stories and pretend that helped children remember his important lessons.

  25. Melanie says

    My favorite thing about Mr Rogers neighborhood was Daniel tiger, so i am thrilled to introduce Daniel tiger to my son, Daniel. I also loved Mr. McFeely, and Henrietta who i think was Daniel tiger’s teacher. I’m looking forward to this more than my son probably is. Lol

  26. terry kerns says

    I love the way my daughter would just go into a sweet, calm mood when she watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. It was soothing and I never worried that something bad would appear!

  27. Amanda Ercole says

    I loved Mr. Rogers!!! I remember his red sweater and putting on his shoes. I also remember the mailman coming to visit and Mr. Roger’s trolley train set. I loved his make-believe land and am SO excited that my daughter already loves Daniel Tiger. Great move PBS! I would love to find a red sweater for my daughter…any ideas where to find one?

  28. Suzanne L. says

    I loved the trolley! These days my son sees a trolley and says “ding ding tra-wee” – it’s so fun seeing the world I knew through his eyes now!

  29. Sonya Stevenson says

    When my daughters were growing up Mister Rogers was the only program we watched. I use to think I enjoyed it more than they did! The values and love in the program was tremendous for children, but just as much so for the adults who needed to hear the words, “You are special” or “I like you just the way you are.” Mister Rogers taught the children AND the adults, it was okay to make mistakes, and how much fun it is to explore and try new things. I have told friends Mister Rogers’ program was ‘better than church.’ Not only do I get to watch the original programs online with my grandchildren, now I get to share this wonderful new program with them too!

  30. Elizabeth Berkbigler says

    Watching mr Rogers was the best when I was younger, it was Deffinitly one of my favorites. It was also and still is to this day my moms favorite show, she loves the thought provoking questions he asks and how every episode provided some social or emotional element that is vital for young children’s growth as a person. The show in general is beneficial to young children, because it is so rare for kids to enjoy and become attached to the shows that will actually encourage healthy behavior. Just like me I’m sure a lot of kids loved all the puppet character when we would travel to make believe land by the trolley. Also the fun craft ideas he prompted and inspired me to do at home, as well as all the interesting tours we saw of how things were made. I could go on and on forever about how great the show was, but I’m just so excited because the little girl I babysit loves Daniel the tiger already and it’s awesome because it too has great morals and life lessons to pass onto our young learners.

  31. penny pointer says

    My granddaughter and I are so looking foward to monday Sept.3rd. I loved Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood as a child, and my favorite part was the intro ” It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”.

  32. says

    I loved everything about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood as a kid and my kids watch it on DVDs now…it was so wonderful how he talked to children like real people and really discussed and explained so many things. I still eat banana’s with american cheese because he and his chef friend made it in one episode and got me hooked :)

  33. Natalie C says

    My grandpa lived far away & my other grandpa died before I was born so he was always like a nice grandpa via TV for me.

  34. Roman lopez says

    Mr. Roger’s legacy continued! This is not only great for me cause I grew up with him but now my daughter can too.

  35. M says

    The crayon tour clip. I love crayola because of that. The little kid holds up the crayon and the camera zooms in!

  36. Bruce M says

    Looking back on it, what I loved most about Mr. Rogers was how he broke things down to a level that I could understand and relate to as a child. As a parent, I’m very happy to be able to share Mr. Rogers’ world with my children.

  37. Katy says

    I liked the puppets and the trolley. When I realized that’s what Daniel Tiger was, I got very nostalgic.

  38. says

    i loved when he took off his jacket and shoes and settled in. i still change my clothes when i come home from work, mostly because of mr. rogers.

  39. Tiffany Santos says

    I credit Mr. Rogers for making me realize that I wanted to be an artist. There was one show where he used watercolor paints that started it all. I also loved the trips he took to the crayon factory and the record player factory.
    I cried the first day when we watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! I’m so glad that my kids will be able to enjoy the same values I did.

  40. Caterina Mangano says

    I loved his fish tank! I loved how soft spoken he was. So many of today’s shows are so loud and the characters seem like they are screaming.

  41. kristin says

    I grew up on Mr. Rogers and now my son is doing the same. Now with Daniel Tiger, my son is even more in love! I love how Mr. Rogers would take the time to explain about feelings, and experiencing new things. I tweeted and google + it!

  42. Lexi says

    The best episode ever was when he toured the crayon factory! Now, I take my kids to Idlewild to ride the trolley and to the North Shore (Pittsburgh) to see the statue of Mr. Roger’s, but they don’t really know who he is. My preschooler has enjoyed the show so far!

  43. wendy says

    I loved “speedy delivery” on Mr. Rogers.
    My son loves how Daniel is presented through video modeling/social stories. Wonderful!

  44. Cara Gifford says

    I loved everything about Mr. Roger’s neighborhood and I love that Daniel Tiger’s
    neighborhood has all the same things in it, the Trolley, the fishtank, the stop light, etc.!

  45. Hollie says

    When I saw the preview, I jumped for joy! Such incredibly wonderful memories of Mr Rogers, and NO one had to tell me this was the little Daniel from the trolley. I knew it right off! My son (2) and I went to the pbskids website and played the games for a good 45 minutes. That is an eternity for a 2 year old. Yeah for Daniel… I hope he has as long a run as Mr R did!!

  46. Abbi says

    I always loved the characters in the land of make-believe. Daniel Striped Tiger and Henrietta Pussycat made me smile. When I was “all grown up” (i.e., in college) and Mr. Rogers died, I cried – it was like I had lost a member of my family.

    While Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood isn’t exactly the same, I’m glad my daughter will have those same ideas on television to enjoy.

  47. Christine says

    I LOVED Mr Rogers when I was little! My daughter was into it again a few years ago. So I was so excited to see Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS! My now 2 year old son likes it a lot (and shhh! so does his now 5 year old sister). For some reason, the episode where Mr Rogers goes to a zipper factory was always one of my favorites from when I was little. One of my favorites from when I rewatched them with my daughter was when they went to a place to see how carousel horses were made and painted. So cool! 😀

  48. Jennifer says

    I remember all the times he took trips to see how things were made. My brother enjoyed one where he went to a hot dog factory. My favorite would probably have to be Trolly :)

  49. Kristin says

    I remember Mr. Rogers being so chill and just awesome! I liked how he always did his shoes and sweater in each episode. And I LOVE how daniel tiger starts out the same way! I LOVE that show! aand so does my son! He doesnt sit down on his own to watch too many shows, but Daniel Tiger is one of them! =)

  50. Amanda Cox says

    As a child, I absolutely adored Daniel Striped Tiger & his “ugga-muggas” as well as the many “field trips” Mister Rogers took me on… and what child didn’t want Mr. McFeeley to bring them a speedy delivery?

    As a parent, I adore that the characters that I loved dearly still exist & have children of their own & it tickles me to see Mr. McFeeley ride by on his bicycle during the closing segment :-)

    I am so very glad this show exists. When I found out I was pregnant I started searching for dvd versions of tv shows I loved as a child and was sad to find that there wasn’t some kind of a Mister Rogers anthology available. (Even with the existence of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, I’d still totally buy it if it ever came out!)

  51. Peyton's Mommy says

    My favorite thing about ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’… Mr. Rogers. That man got me through everything. My favorite episode was when he showed how they make crayons… Something about all those crayons bundled together was really fascinating. Most of all, though, was his caring spirit. He truly cared about children. My son is 3 1/2, and has been watching Mr. Rogers since he was a baby (thank you PBS for still playing his show)… It has been one of his favorites, just like it was/is mine. I loved how soft-spoken he always was… Too many shows today are so loud, with so much going on at the same time. He was simple and kind… I looked forward to watching him everyday. I’m so happy I’ve been able to pass that love onto my son, through Mr. Rogers, and now Daniel Tiger.

  52. Erin says

    As a native Pittsburgher, Mr. Rogers has an extra special place in my heart. They still run episodes of the original Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on our PBS station and I have my DVR filled with them. I usually don’t let my daughter watch TV, but that program is a okay by me. The fashions are dated, but the message is still relevant for the new millennium: learning to care about others, and recognizing your own emotions and sharing them in constructive ways.

  53. Ebit Akers says

    I grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. What I remember most was his kindness. Even though it was just a show on tv, I felt as if he was talking to me and he genuinely cared about me.
    My boys (age 3 and 4) and I have been watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and I am thrilled that we all love it. The songs make me tear up a little because they remind me of how I felt as a child watching Mr. Rogers.

  54. Tiffany Torres says

    What I loved moved about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was the cute little noise the trolley used to make. I just loved that they have incorporated so many elements from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood into Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. My 3 year old absolutely loves this program and calls it “Afro Tigers Neighborhood” (I blame that on Madagascar 3) lol! Anyway, I did most of the available entrie options (I don’t have a Google+ account) I tweeted all three “tweets” above, I shared on Facebook, shared with my friend Amanda Wilberg on my Facebook and I pinned the post on Pinterest! Good luck everyone :)

  55. Mariah Cohen says

    My favorite thing about Mr Rogers was the trolley! How it “talked.”. I never thought that I missed it until I heard it again! How magical!
    Thank you so so much for being the neighborhood back to life for this generation. It is just fantastic!!

  56. Rosemary Moore says

    I loved and still love Mr. Rogers because he was so good at making a child feel safe, loved, and good about him/herself. I’m glad that a show like this is on to do the same thing. My 2 year old already loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I hope the show does the same for him as Mr. Rogers did for me.

  57. Sarah says

    Have so many happy memories of Mister Rogers Neighborhood – from the theme song to the trolley bell…they make me smile. And the field trip to the Crayola factory to see how crayons were made was my favorite episode, I was fascinated!

  58. Nicole McKinney says

    Like Amanda, I had hoped Mr Rogers Neighborhood would be available to show my new daughter. And, I’m excited to have found Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! I remember Fred singing Please won’t you be my neighbor. And, changing his sweater & shoes. When I taught kindergarten, I did the same thing :) I’d LOVE to win this prize! :)

  59. L Nood says

    What I remember most about Mister Rogers is the songs he sang, how kind and genuine he seemed, and I loved episodes where they went on factory tours or to visit places in his neighborhood.

  60. Sherry K says

    I LOVE Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I really liked the whole show, but I do like how he comes in at the beginning, changes into his house sweater, takes off his shoes, etc…as he preps. Of course it was always fun with the trolley too. So far my kids are really liking Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood so far.

  61. Gretchen says

    I always loved the neighborhood of makebelieve as a kid. I really enjoyed the different characters and how they had same things happen to them as I did.

  62. Katherine says

    I just loved the gentleness and calmness of his show. I loved when he went to factories and would show you how things were made. Lady Elaine scared me though. I just had to google a picture of her face and yeah, she’s as scary as I remember. ; )

  63. Kim says

    I loved Mister Roger Neighborhood when I was a child. One episode that I haven’t forgotten was when Picture Picture showed how to make tofu. I later became a vegetarian, and tofu became a major part of my diet.

  64. Emily says

    I remember so much- learning how people make things, going to the Neighborhood of Make Believe, all of the songs and the neighbors, and most of all the calm, loving nature of Mister Rogers that I try to emulate in my own teaching now.

  65. Brandy says

    There are so many things I loved about Mr. Rogers Neighborhood when I was growing up..I loved how he walked in the door changing his sweater and shoes talking the entire time to me and other viewers. I loved how it really felt like I was visiting the different places in the picture me picture.
    I am now passing Daniel tigers Neighborhood on to my son. I love that each episode passes on a message. It is very entertaining!
    I dont care for the phrase “hug a mugga” ?? I liked Mr. Rogers saying “bye neighbor”
    other than that keep up the good work!!