disney word searches: getting kids ready for the trip!

We were on a major word search kick a while back, but we’ve taken a good long rest from them.disney word searches  teachmama.com

So in honor of our upcoming Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I decided to bring back this oldie but goodie for Maddy, Owen, and Cora.  Word Searches!! What fun! Letter recognition! Fine motor practice! Reading! Talking! LOVE!

What a super way of activating a little schema, getting their brains ready for what they’ll see in the Happiest Place on Earth, for getting three already-crazy kids even more excited for a totally exciting event?!

I haven’t shown them their Disney Word Searches yet–they’re a surprise for the plane, for those inevitable waits during travel, for whenever we need them.  I think they’ll even be a good down-time activity in the hotel between trips to the pool, the park, or conference events.

Or for those Disney-lovers out there, they may be just what the doctor ordered between those yearly vay-cays.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Disney Word Searches: There are four word searches, all basically the same format but with four different themes:

word search disney characters –with all of our favorite characters, princesses, and movie stars

word search magic kingdom –with park highlights, rides, and features

word search epcot –with EPCOT highlights, rides, and shows

word search animal kingdom — with Animal Kingdom park highlights, rides, themes, animals

* new *

word search disneyland– with Disneyland lands, rides, attractions, & more

disney word search | teachmama.comThe word search packets–ready to go!

disney word search | teachmama.com

All I did was print out one copy of each word search for Maddy, Owen, and Cora, and I stapled them together–one happy little packet for each of them.

And I’ll throw a ‘teacher pen’– one of those thin-tipped red or purple pens that I always used for grading–along with several highlighters, which my kids love to use for word searches into my bag.  And when the time is right, I’ll pull it all out.

My hope is that it will give the kids a chance to read the words–words they’ll hear and see and experience–in Disney so when they actually hear, see, and experience them, it’ll be that much more exciting.

disney word search | teachmama.com

But if we don’t get to them? No worries–they only took a second to create, and I think they’ll be a great way of ‘remembering’ our trip when we return!

And that’s it–just a little, sneaky learning in the name of (eeeeeee!) Disney and all things wonderful.

I used Discovery Education’s Free Puzzlemaker for these (and all) of our word searches.  Thanks, Discovery Education, and happy word-search creating, my friends!  Also check out the great game-creating resources on readwritethink.org — I LOVE the crossword creator!

Here are a few other ways to countdown or celebrate your own Disney vacation: 


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