domino parking lot = dot counting and parking

Figuring out how to handle Maddy’s homework time has been a real challenge for me in that I’ve had to dig up some really exciting–engaging–activities for Owen and Cora to do while I’m helping Maddy.

So while Owen, Cora, and I can play games while Maddy’s at school, during homework time, she really needs my support. And they really need to do some individual work.

I’ve found a ton of really awesome, worthwhile, fab resources out there, and this is just one of them.

If you’d like to download the pdf, the Domino Parking Lot is here. I printed four copies on different colored cardstock so that the game would make it through our wear and tear.

The object is simple: count the dots and place the domino in the correct parking space. A math-focused counting and number recognition activity, this one was great for Owen to handle completely solo, and Cora could manage the first row by herself.

Counting to make sure the correct number is on the top of the domino.

We ignored the second half of the domino dots and only really counted the top half of each one, but my goal with Maddy and Owen will be to have them use both sides and either add or subtract to get the correct number.

Owen makes sure his dominoes are in the correct spots.

Cora needed more support with this activity, but I ended up covering the bottom part of the board so as not to overwhelm her. I initially explained, We need to hunt through all of these dominoes to find the correct number of dots on top. See how this one has one dot on top? We need to park it here, under the number one.

She worked from zero to six, and that was enough for her; Owen filled his parking lot and was ready to move on to something bigger and better: Hidden Pictures.

I like this activity because it not only involves counting but it also involves number recognition. What I realized upon doing it was that we need a little more number work for Cora. I just may pull out the ole Foamies for a simple 1, 2, 3 Number Boxes today or tomorrow.

However, Domino Parking Lot was just challenging enough to keep Owen engaged. He got silly towards the end, but overall really loved parking his dominoes.

Thanks a ton to mathwire for having just a boatload of activities to pull from and the most awesome math-activities blog ever for this non-math minded mom of three. I need all the sneaky math learning op’s as I can find!




  1. Christianne @ Little Page Turners says

    Dominoes are fabulous things for Math activities. Great idea to reserve some "homework" for the younger ones. I'm going to need to find some toddler-friendly activities for my little one while I help my kindergartner with her homework (YES, homework in KINDERGARTEN!).

  2. danita says

    bridget's k teacher used this with cars. she would say, park the car on number 5, park the car on number 7, etc. then, park the car on the number one more than 7, one less than 10, one less than 11, etc. it was fun! i'm gonna use it with jack!

  3. Kelli @ writing the waves says

    I love this idea!! I'll definitely be doing this with my four-yr-old. I'm sure he'd love the car idea that danita shared too. Thanks, ladies!


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