holiday fun fact AND joke lunchbox notes (with hanukkah!)

holiday fun fact and joke lunchbox notes coverWe are huge fans of the lunchbox love note over here, so we’ve revisited our ole faves and added a few new ones to the mix.

Maddy, Owen, and Cora love the Holiday Fun Facts and Holiday Joke Notes, so I did a little research, played with some images, and created a few notes for my tinies.

Fun facts have expanded to add Hanukkah facts! (Yay! It’s about time, right?)

Joke notes have gotten sillier! Even more funny!

And the fonts are large and clear so Cora has a better chance of reading them.  Because goodness knows that if she can’t read it, she’ll holler across the lunchroom to Owen and have him read it for her. . .

Without further ado, here’s the skinny. . .

  • Holiday Fun Fact and Joke Lunchbox Notes: Really, I scoured the ‘net for sillier jokes and funnier punchlines.

I searched for information about Hanukkah and images to accompany them.

And honestly? I’m pretty pleased with the results.

holiday joke notes & fun facts

Owen’s fave so far? Iceburger joke. . .

holiday joke notes & fun facts

. . .and I wonder if anyone will get the answer to this one!

I know I’ve done well when I hear the kids talking about the jokes after school–and Owen must have told and re-told the ‘What do snowmen eat for lunch’ joke a hundred times yesterday afternoon.


I included a page of eight jokes and a second page of eight fun facts: four about Hanukkah and four about Christmas.

holiday joke notes & fun facts

note in the lunch and ready to roll!

In combination with Little Holiday Notes and Lunchbox Jokes –knock-knocks and riddles from last year–and Holiday Fun Fact Notes–fun facts about Christmas around the world–we should get though the month of December, no problem!

I’d be thrilled if you used them! The more laughing kiddos at lunch, the better!

The jokes are here to download if you’d like: Holiday Fun Fact and Joke Lunchbox Notes.   And feel free to give ’em a pin, a tweet, or a share on Facebook.

I usually print them out on cardstock, but this time I didn’t have any on hand. I just  used paper, and it was fine.  Just enough room for a little ‘xoxo love Mom’ and we’re good to go.

Happy lunchtime learning!


Want a few more holiday-inspired learning ideas? Check out: 

Ooooh, baby! It’s been quite a week.

With all the holiday fun going on, we’ve had a bit of a stress with the ole bloggy-blog, but it appears (knock wood) that things are level now. Many thanks for your patience if you hit the site and found a ‘404 error’ or something of the like.  Stuff happens, right?




  1. says

    How fun! I love your lunch box love notes. I never do them but now you’ve inspired me to. My kids would love them and I can only pull it off by copying yours and printing them in advance. Our mornings are so hectic!

    • amy says

      Thanks, Mia–it takes a village, right? I totally lean on others for other–more important–things, so I’m glad I can help in this teeny, tiny way! xo


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