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We’ve got a lot going on over at we teach lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to let you in on what’s totally new and totally awesome over there: mad monday!

 Here’s the skinny. . .

 mad monday! starts today —

    • Do you have an educational product or service you just love?
    • Does the product make learning fun
    • Is there one thing that really created a learning breakthrough for your students or children?
    • Would you profess from a mountaintop your adoration for a certain book, DVD, or CD because you find it that valuable?
    • Is there a game, a manipulative, or learning app you use frequently?
    • Have you started your own fan club for a particular curriculum company, publisher, or organizational service?
    • What little something has made parenting, teaching, or spending time with your children more fun?

Let us know!

And if not, are you interested in scoring great deals on educational products for parents and teachers? Sure you are!

what is mad monday


  • What is mad monday!?: mad monday! is a program we’re running over at we teach, where every Monday we offer our forum members the opportunity to purchase a super-cool educational product or service at a major discount (and membership is free, so this is a really rad program!).

For businesses:

  • We plan to feature a family-friendly, educationally focused product on each Monday of each week;
  • Company will provide forum members with an opportunity to purchase that product at a highly discounted rate (50-70%)–a special for our members only;
  • We will help companies find 1000’s of new fans—people who will love and adore the product for how it enhances their practice, simplifies their life, or brings joy to their children and students.


For we teach members:

earn $$ for referrals:

  • Introduce a company to the idea of ‘we teach mad monday!’ where companies can bring educationally-focused, family-friendly products or services to ‘we teach’ members at 50-70% discount;

We Teach Mad Monday FLIER

  • Ask company to mention YOUR name as a referrer so you can earn $50 for each referral with an extra $25 for every four referrals;

be featured:

  • All products are to be education or parenting focused, designed to make the lives of teachers, parents, and caregivers a bit easier (and more fun!).
  • All members who request to be featured understand that they are to be active members of the forum and are promoting their own work or their own small business–Etsy shop, teacher resource store, curriculum, etc–and not be a representative of a larger company or corporation.
  • You can feature your own free resources, as long as they are downloadable resources.  We will create a page for you here on the forum where you can design and add links to your resources.mad monday screen shot
  • Not all requests will be honored. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect.


as an fyi, we teach provides:

  • Platform for advertisement (focused audience of 5100+ parents and teachers);
  • Product teaser in newsletter;
  • Promotion we teach: mad monday! on all social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook;
  • One week of advertising space on the forum: Monday-Sunday;
  • Opportunity to bring your product or service to the eyes of thousands of creative, supportive, influential, smart, and savvy parents and educators!

we teach: mad monday! will be featured front and center on the main screen of our forum:


Check out the mad monday! deals & steals page for a look at our archives!


If you’d like to chat about this opportunity or learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact Amy Mascott:

We look forward to working with you and chatting with you on the forum!



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