make a veggie turkey: kid-happy, thanksgiving dinner-ready

veggie turkey vegetable turkey It’s no secret that I have kids who usually love to be in the kitchen–whether it’s trying a new food or helping with a new recipe, my kiddos are usually game.

So when I asked for some help in ‘upping the fun factor’ of our assigned dish for an early family Thanksgiving last weekend, my kids were up for the challenge.

Well, two kiddos were. . .

Vegetables and dip? Sure we can bring it.

But how could we make it more. . . fun?  Could we rock out a veggie turkey? A vegetable tray times 10?  Forget about the ole boring plate and dip bowl, with all the vegetables circled neatly around it.

We were going to get creative.  I was going to harness the imaginations of my three kids and come up with a rockin, kid-happy, party-ready veggie turkey tray like never seen before.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Make a Veggie Turkey– Kid-Happy, Thanksgiving Dinner-Ready: Cora has been a kitchen helper lately.

Owen’s usually trying desperately to play soccer with the big boys across the street, and Maddy comes and goes.

make a veggie turkey: kid-happy, thanksgiving dinner-ready

Yes. Don’t judge us. Fresh veggies and a store-bought pumpkin pie. We can only do so much.

One day she’s all about throwing on her apron and helping, and other days, well. . . she’s got other more important things to attend to.  I get it.  She’s almost ten.

Anyway, this time, Maddy, Cora, and I put our heads together to come up with a rockin Thanksgiving dinner veggie turkey that I think we’ll add to our traditions list each year.

It was simple and fun.  Like painting but with food.

make a veggie turkey: kid-happy, thanksgiving dinner-ready

make a veggie turkey: kid-happy, thanksgiving dinner-ready

Here’s what we did:

  • turkey body: we used a quarter of a yellow pepper
  • turkey eyes: we cut slits in the pepper and shoved in mini cucumber wedges
  • turkey beak: triangle of orange pepper
  • turkey waddle: (is that what it’s even called??) red pepper
  • turkey feet: orange pepper
  • turkey feathers: carrot sticks, yellow and orange peppers, tiny cucumbers, grape tomatoes
  • turkey feet: orange peppers
  • grass: broccoli
  • flowers: peppers and tomatoes

vegetable turkey

vegetable turkey

After Maddy left the scene, Cora took over.

She was all about creating patterns in the turkey feathers with the veggies.  I was totally game and really just wanted to support what she was doing.

She was thinking creatively and using her brain.

She was having a blast.

vegetable turkey

vegetable turkey

Finished turkey sitting on grass with flowers all around him.  Obviously.

And our finished turkey? Tons of fresh vegetables and a very proud Cora.

Dip? On the side. Separate plate. Our turkey was way too big!

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Super-simple and yes, there are probably a million ways to create a veggie turkey–which is why this was so much fun. There was really no wrong way.

Have you made one before? We’d love to see photos! Please share!

And have a super-happy Thanksgiving!





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    I really want to make this with my kids this year. My oldest would love it! She’d eat more veggies because of it and she’s artistic so she’d enjoy the challenge and new medium! Thanks for your great idea!!! (as usual!)

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