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I created this online group for parents and teachers to hang out, to collaborate, and to communicate (head over and join the fun!):  |  we teach

I hang out on Facebook, rockin’ and rollin’ on the: learning in the every day

I am excited to attend the following 2014 events:

. . . and I enjoyed attending these conferences:

  • Blogalicious, November 2014
  • ONE AYA 2014 Summit, October 2014
  • Share A Sale ThinkTank, October, 2014
  • PBS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, May 2014
  • Mom 2.0 Summit, May 2014
  • Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Disneyland, April 2014
  • Toy Fair: NYC, February 2014
  • Blogalicious: Atlanta, September 2013
  • Digital Family Summit: Baltimore, October 2013
  • PBS Annual Meeting: Miami, May 2013
  • Mom 2.0 Summit: Laguna Niguel, May 2013
  • TypeA Advanced: Philadelphia, April 2013
  • BlogaTECH: DC, April 2013
  • edcamp: DC, April 2013
  • Toy Fair: NYC, February 2013
  • Blogalicious: Las Vegas, September 2012
  • Highlights State of the Kid Press Conference: Ohio, October 2012
  • BlogHer: NYC, August 2012
  • EVO: Park City, Utah, July 2012
  • Digital Family Summit: Philadelphia, June 2012
  • P & G Holistic Design & Commercialization Summit: Cincinnati, OH–June 2012
  • Spark & Hustle: Washington, DC June 2012
  • Type-A Parent: Charlotte, NC June 2012
  • Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Orlando, FL–April 27-28, 2012
  • Toy Fair: NYC, February 2012
  • NAEYC  Annual Conference and Expo: Orlando, FL–November 2-5, 2011
  • Blogalicious: Washington, DC — October 21-23, 2011
  • Type-A Conference: Ashville, NC–June 23-26, 2011
  • Mom 2.0 Summit: New Orleans, LA — April 14-16, 2011
  • BlogHer 2010 in NYC
  • Yahoo! Motherboard Summit: Silicon Valley, CA 2012
  • Disney Social Media Moms: Orlando, FL 2010
  • Bloggy Boot Camp: Baltimore, MD 2010
  • BlogHer 2009: Chicago, IL

**please see teachmama flickr page for more on events I’ve attended


I am thrilled to share my tv appearances:

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speaking at Blogalicious 2012

I loved speaking at this events and conferences. . .

  • Blogalicious: Blog Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Interactive Blog Audit, San Antonio, November 2014
  • Blogalicious: 10-Steps Intensives–A Series of Practical and Insightful Expert Talks (10 Steps to Working Smarter, Not Harder) Atlanta, September 2013
  • Digital Family Summit: Moderated Panel: Kid Fame–Is it right for you?  & facilitated 2.5 hour workshop: Blog Writing Workshop–Baltimore, October 2013
  • PBS Marketing & Communications Buzz Huddle: Social Media Mama–An insider’s look at the life of a blogger–October 2012
  • Highlights: State of the Kid Panelist–October 2012
  • Blogalicious: Community Building Through Collaboration– September 2012
  • EVO: Online & Offline Community Building–July 2012
  • Digital Family Summit: Parenting Digital Kids–June 2012
  • P & G Holistic Design & Commercialization Summit: Content is the New Currency in Marketing–June, 2012
  • Delta Kappa Gamma: Social Media Mama: building teach mama from the ground up, May 2012
  • Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County: Parent Blogger Panel for Blogger Brunch
  • NAEYC  Annual Conference and Expo: Community Partnerships–Using Technology to Build Communities, 2011
  • PARCC: Blogging, Tweeting, Liking and Chatting: Leveraging Social Media, 2011
  • Blogalicious 2011: Gain Scentilicous Breakfast
  • B’nai Israel Congregation: Preparing Children for School and Building a Foundation for Learning, May 2011
  • BlogHer 2010 in NYC–Change Agents, ROYO: Resource Blogging–Serving Your Community One Post at a Time
  • Live Blog Feed from ROYO Panel
  • Mocha Moms of Silver Spring: Preparing Children for School and Building a Foundation for Learning, October 2010
  • MOMS Club of Olney: Preparing Children for School and Building a Foundation for Learning, September 2010


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Totally loved hosting a chat on Scholastic Parents Facebook page with Allie McDonald on 5/7/13

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  • IRA (International Reading Association)
  • SoMIRAC (State of Maryland International Reading Council)



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  • Birmingham Mommy, Holding back your kindergarten-aged child: Will it really give him an edge?, 5/15/11



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