smart summer fun ideas: 2013 calendar

teachmama smart summer Hard to believe that in just a few days my kids will no longer be third, first, and Kindergartners and will instead be fourth, second, and first graders!


Maddy wasn’t even in Kindergarten when I started this blog, and now she’s in fourth grade. Oh my gosh time is flying.

We will not let summer zip by us this year.  No way, no how.

Instead we will control the speed with which we move by making sure we fit every single fun thing in that we want, from the first ear of corn we eat to the last lightening bug we catch. We’re doing it.

And so can you.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Smart Summer Fun Ideas — 2013 Calendar: I shared our Smart Summer Calendar last year about this time, and it worked great for us.

I liked the flexibility it gave us because we never had specific, must-do activities each day; rather, it allowed for collaboration and weekly planning which worked better for our family overall.


teach mama’s Smart Summer Cal 2013 by teach mama


And though the big picture idea is one thing, it also helps for us to have a general daily plan–an everyday (or almost everyday) schedule even for summertime. Otherwise, it’ll all get nuts.  Kids thrive on patterns–and really? Adults do, too.

Here’s our general, and I mean general, daily plan for summer.  It will change big come the end of July, when the kids’ swim and dive seasons end:

Teachmama Smart Summer Daily Plan 2013 by teach mama


Really, until I share our (eeeeee!) totally exciting plan for summer reading, that’s it.

We’ll be making our summer work for us–throwing in everything fun we love, thanks to our soon-to-be-made Summer Fun Cards, the we teach summer learning eBook, our Everyday Journal cards, Everyday Math ideas, and more.

Stay tuned!

Until then, if you have a favorite summer learning resource, please do share it! We had an awesome twitter event this week, all focused on summer learning. I cannot wait to share the resources and our findings!

If you can’t wait (and I don’t blame you!) do check our pinterest board for summer cool & fun for kids or the summer learning ideas 2013 board!




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