st. patrick’s day joke notes: more lunchbox love

st. patrick's day joke lunchbox love notes  teachmama.comSt. Patty’s Day is around the corner, but over here we’ve been decorated and green for the last three weeks!  We love that the green reminds us that spring is around the corner and that Easter will be here shortly, then family birthdays, and soon. . . summer!

Surprisingly, I haven’t made super-fun lunchbox love notes for this lucky green holiday, so that was numero uno on my list of things to do in February.

With a little bit o’ internet searching, I stumbled upon some kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day jokes, and I stumbled upon some not-so-kid-friendly ones.  Then I threw the kid ones on a doc with some happy-go-lucky shamrocks and lucky images.  And voila! st. patty’s day joke lunchbox notes were born.

Owen has told me that he prefers the notes that fold (of course, because 80% of the ones I’ve created don’t fold), so this time I tried specifically to make foldable notes.  He honestly doesn’t ask for much, so if the boy wants notes that fold, this mama’s going to try to make ’em. . .

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • St. Patrick’s Day Joke Notes:  Plain and simple, they’re notes.

st. patrick's day joke lunchbox love notes

With jokes.

For kids.

For lunchboxes.

st. patrick's day joke lunchbox love notes

Or actually for any time.  Backpacks, night stands, coat pockets, shoes–any place you want to leave your little lovies with a little love from mom or dad.

And they all have a St. Patty’s Day theme.

If you want to download and use the st. patty’s day joke lunchbox notes, go right ahead! Download and print.  Forward to a friend. Pin it on Pinterest. Share it on Facebook.  I’d be over the moon!

(Or just keep them to yourself so your kids are the coolest in the lunch room–that’s fine, too.)

st. patricks day joke notes

st. patricks day joke notes

And I printed three copies of each sheet, cut them, and put them in the cabinet above the counter, so they’re ready to go.  There are eight jokes on the sheet, so I thought that every other day until the 17th, I’d throw one in Maddy, Owen, and Cora’s lunch.  And if they like them, I’ll print out more.

Honestly, I love the super-sneaky way lunchbox notes get my kiddos reading–because even jokes count!

And I love that there are some days when they come home from school and tell me that their whole lunch table was laughing at the joke or that they ‘wowed’ a buddy with one of the fun facts they read on their lunchbox note.

I’ll take it.

Happy St. Patty’s Day joking!




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