try something new with kids: coconut

try something new coconutWe’re big fans of mixing up the fun and learning over here, always trying a little something new each week.

We’ve done restaurants, foods, crafts, games, vacations, and more. It’s always fun, and while it keeps Maddy, Owen, and Cora on the hunt for new and exciting things to try, it also keeps their minds open for trying new things.

What I haven’t realized is that even if we tried something new a year or two ago, it’s worth revisiting again.

Like the coconut.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Try Something New With Your Kids–Coconut:  We rocked the coconut years ago. I mean years ago.

Check it out: New for us Friday–Going Coconutty!

Written on July 17, 2009–four years ago. And my kids had little to no memory of it.

So when we were at the grocery store this past weekend and saw the coconuts sitting there smiling at us from the shelf, Maddy said, Mom! Hey! Let’s get a coconut and try it out!

I said, Maddy, we already did that–I’m sure you remember, don’t you? It was so hard to open and we had to watch YouTube videos about it. Remember?

She didn’t.

And neither did Owen.

And neither did Cora.

try something new -- coconut


try something new -- coconut

So of course we bought the coconut because really? If my kids were doing these cool things and weren’t remembering, then by all means, we’ll rock a Coconuts 2.0.

And Coconuts 3.0 if we must.

The crazy thing? I had no recollection of how to properly open a coconut. So it was really a smart idea for our family to do a coconut-do-over. Clearly we needed it.

We checked out my previous post on How to Open a Coconut to refresh our memories. We watched the videos, looked at the photos, and then got to work.

try something new -- coconut

This whole thing? Dangerous.

try something new -- coconut

Keep your kids away if you are a smart parent. . .

try something new -- coconut

. . . not like me who left them to run in and answer the phone.

The whole coconut-opening process was not easy. I tried everything on the video, but I could. Not. Open. The. Coconut.

Poking a hole and getting the coconut water out was easy.

It was finding the ‘equator’ and cracking it in half that was difficult.

Phone rang. Like a good mama, I ran in to get it. (Our air conditioning was broken! It could have been the repair person!) I left Maddy with the hammer and the feisty coconut.

try something new -- coconut

My determined girl.

try something new -- coconut

Putting the coconut on the ground and hammering it seemed to have been the ticket.

Or a really, really strong 9 year old. . .

try something new -- coconut

Maddy did it.

While on the phone with the HVAC guy (I swear it was him!), I heard: MOMMY!! I DID IT! I DID IT! I DIDDDDD IT! MOOOOOOM!!!how to get your kids to try new foods

I ran outside, hoping to God that she didn’t bust her finger or break the porch, and I found the cracked coconut and a super-happy Maddy.

All I had to do was put it on the ground, hit it hard, and it cracked! Wooo-hooo!!!!

We tried the coconut (once again), and we determined that we had the same tastebuds after four years: we were not fans of the coconut meat. At all.

But we worked hard, tried it, and now–hopefully–my kids will remember.  And if anyone has a suggestion for opening a coconut with ease, please do share. I’d love to learn.

Not that we’re going to try coconuts again anytime soon, but in another four years, who knows. . . just a little learning on the fly, on a hot summer afternoon.

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  1. Anusha says

    Hats off on your attempt to try something new with your kids!
    To open a coconut, first hold it in your non dominant hand, with your thumb on the largest ‘eye’ of the coconut. Take a heavy knife, hold it such that the blunt edge of the knife touches the coconut. Make a few sharp taps on the line running opposite your thumb (i.e., the largest eye of the coconut), on the same point as much as possible. You should see the coconut break into two clean halves.
    Buying the right coconut to eat is an art by itself. Maybe I should blog about it! You could try tender coconut, if it’s available. Good luck for Coconuts 3.0!

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