25 days of kindness, 25 ways to be kind to others

Whether you’re in school, in the workplace, or at home, it doesn’t matter. Kindness matters in more ways than you may think.

The Kindness Study

Young people who describe their environments as ‘kind’ are more likely to be mentally healthy. That’s true for youth in high schools, colleges, and the work place.

25 Days of Kindness

Given the study results, I think it would really make sense for families to make kindness a focus for the next 25 days.

If we all focus on kind behaviors and on demonstrating kindness, wouldn’t the world be a better place? It would.

Here are the 25 ways to be kind that we came up with and that are on our quickie little printable:

Remember, after you do one of these simple acts, share it on the Staples for Students Digital Kindness Tree and watch how kindness grows and spreads!

Visit StaplesKindnessTree.com to see what others are doing, and be inspired to go above and beyond the list we created.


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