3 reasons kids need early reader books with characters they love

It’s funny that some folks feel so strongly opposed to handing kids books that feature the characters they so love, but I do understand it.

Popular Characters in Early Reader Texts are SUPER High-Interest

We want to provide our kids with as much high-interest reading as possible–that way kids will want to read!

So when we give emerging readers texts that feature their favorite tv-buddies, they will want crack open those books.

Books With Familiar Characters are Filled With Learning Opportunities

I could go on and on about how to capitalize on learning opportunities when kids are engaged and interested

Early ReaderTexts Featuring Fave Characters Build Kids’ Reading Confidence

The more often these favorite books are read, the more likely our emerging readers are going to take risks and try to read words on their own.

So whether your child “reads” the book title to you or whether she can points to the name “Elsa” each time she sees it, we’re building confidence.

You can find these books just about anywhere, especially once you start keeping your eyes open for them.


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