a game for practicing spelling, sight words, or letters

WORDO! (to practice spelling words, sight words, letters–or just about anything!): All you need to play WORDO! is a board and some cards to flash.

To play WORDO!, every player gets a board. These WORDO! boards have nine boxes, 3 x 3.

And then depending on what your focus is–spelling words, sight words, letters, numbers, family names, whatever–each person chooses nine words from a set of flash cards to write in the boxes. A different word goes in each box.

Then, just like BINGO, someone flips the cards, and when a word is chosen that’s on your board, you cover it up. We play that a full board wins.

We’ve used WORDO! to practice Maddy’s spelling words (a very difficult list. . .), to practice sight words with Owen, and to practice letter writing and recognition with Cora. All at the same time.

While Maddy wrote her words, Owen chose nine words from his early emergent word list. When he was finished, I gave him high fives, and then I placed 3-4 word cards next to the board.

When Owen was finished, I asked him to double -check. Presenting kiddos with something along the line of ‘check your work‘ helps them recognize their successes


Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line