Advancement Courses teach Team:

a look at our events

The team has been super busy, and over the past few months, we have covered a variety of topics that are super relevant to teachers.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the events from this past year.

teACh Team Kick-Off — Facebook Live, March 22

Focus: Professional Development for educators

Leading Post-Pandemic — Facebook live, april 6

Focus: Leading Post Pandemic: How does school leadership look different?

Work-Life Harmony in Teaching — INSTAGRAM Live, APRIL 19

Focus: Work-Life Harmony in Teaching

We talked about: 1. How this year of teaching compared to others. 2. The hardest thing about maintaining balance for Kayla.

Helping Students Overcome Trauma — FACEBOOK LIVE, APRIL 26

Focus: Helping Students Overcome Trauma with expert Lina Acosta Sandaal


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