improve fluency:


I’ve said before that one of the things that you never want to say to a reader is Slow down! You’re reading too fast! or. . .

. . . You’re reading waaaaay too slow. C’mon, pick up the pace so we can get through this, Honey.

It’s just not helpful, and no one feels great saying these things or hearing them.

The awesome news there are a few other really worthwhile, constructive ways of helping children as you ‘coach’ them into more fluent reading.  

Learning During Read-Alouds–Improve Fluency by Slowing Down Speedy Readers:  

Fluency is a whole lot more than reading at an ‘easy-to-understand’ pace.

‘Automaticity’ just means that readers can recognize words automatically and without effort, which is why we need to practice those sight words and design balance literacy programs that include word work! 

‘Prosity’ just means that the reading demonstrates the natural rhythm and intonation of language.


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