halloween sensory bin and learning letter H

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The following guest post is written by Jaime of Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails. Jaime is a busy, creative mom of three young boys, and her blog rocks. Check it out.


We love holidays at our house. Especially fall holidays.  Halloween has become a not so scary holiday we love.  We have found our own ways, as well as some traditional ways, to have fun.

For instance, we had fun in a Halloween sensory bin last year. So this year I wanted to make the kids a new one for the up coming holiday.  Today I will be sharing how we made our sensory bin and the letter learning we added to it.

So what better letter to go over in the month of October than the letter H for Halloween? We did a fun craft and activity to go along with us talking about the letter H.
  • We did a letter H craft.

What we used:

What we did:

halloween sensory bin and learning letter H

I traced a letter H on the paper and let my 4 yr and 2 yr add Halloween stickers all over it.  This is an easy and fun craft for the kids.  They also get to work on fine motor skills while peeling and placing the stickers.

Now we had a fun decorations for our wall.
The kids loved how their H came out. We also talked about the orange color of the paper too.
halloween sensory bin and learning letter H
What I did:
I made my son a small sensory bin and placed it down inside an extra large plastic bin we have.  This was to help contain the rice mess as this would make for easy clean up.  Once the bin was set out, my son came to play.
halloween sensory bin and learning letter H
  • Halloween Sensory Bin with pumpkin spice rice.  My oldest loves to play in rice.  Since little brother usually just throws it everywhere I set this bin up just for my 4yr.
What I used:
halloween sensory bin and learning letter H
Of course he brought a truck!
He got right to running his hands through the rice.  I think he loves just exploring the texture of the rice.
He got to explore all his sense except taste.
We talked about the letters inside the bin and we went over the letter H sounds and talked about other words that started with the letter H.

halloween sensory bin and learning letter H

Holidays are a great time to have fun and adding a simple learning element to play is always a plus.
We hope you and your kids may have some letter H fun too.

All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!


I am an everyday stay at home mom. I have 3 boys ages 4 years to 10 months old.  I love to find fun activities, crafts, recipes…. for us to do together. When I am not washing clothes and chasing the boys around I enjoy sharing our activities and crafts on my  blog Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tail.  You can also follow us through our PinterestFacebookTwitter,Google+,and our G+ community, All Things Kids.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Jaime,  for sharing!

Looking for more activities for ringing in Halloween (and sneaking in a little learning) with your littles?

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    great idea….one suggestion….I am a kindergarten teacher….and I suggest you use some lowercase h’s too! This will take some doing, as the toy industry is not quite on board with providing lowercase letter magnets, but you can find them if you look for them! If you look at a sentence….there is only one capital letter in the sentence. Chidlren need to know lowercase letters to learn to read! To prepare kids for kindergarten, begin teaching the lowercase letters! zoophonics is a great program to use and is available online. Thanks for being such a good mommy and providing your child with so many great sensory experiences!

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