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hello teacher notes

Another one of our fave back-to-school traditions involves a little bit of writing, some decorating, and a wee bit of walking.

Not much walking, really.  Just to the mailbox or up to the school, depending on where you live.

But for the last few years, we’ve rocked Hello, Teacher Notes to ease the transition from summer break to school year just a tiny bit easier for Maddy, Owen, and Cora.  Okay, and me.

We sent them:

And we sent them again this year, with Maddy going to 3rd grade, Owen going to 1st, and Cora (waaaah!) going to Kindergarten.

Each note is slightly different to account for age differences in the kids, but essentially, they’re similar in their purpose–to give the kids a chance to say ‘hello’ to their teachers before that sometimes-stressful first day.


Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Hello Teacher Notes– Let Kids Connect With Teachers: Take a look. . .


Want to send your own Hello Teacher Notes?  Download and print our templates:

Though we’ve used the notes before school began, I’ve had many, many people email me and say that they used them any time during that first month of school–or for kids who moved, switched teachers, or something similar.  Just knowing that they’re working for other kids makes us so happy.

So really, it doesn’t know how your child connects with his or her teacher–it’s just important that it happens early in the game.



Want a little more back-to-school fun? A few more rockstar resources?


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  1. says

    Thanks so much for always sharing these at back to school time! They’ve become a tradition in our house and I think the teachers love doing them as much as the kids! Plus as a room parent, it gives me the inside scoop on all the things that our kids’ teachers truly love! Here’s hoping you and your kiddos have another great year!

    • amy says

      Leticia, you are incredible–so sweet for taking the time to read and taking time to write. Means a ton, my super-amazing, totally famous friend. xoxo


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