how to be a blogstar: make your blog work for YOU eBook

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Who doesn’t want to be a blog star?

  • You love blogging and you want to do it right.
  • You’ve heard about blogging and want to get started on the right foot, wasting no time at all.
  • You just need a few tricks to get you re-charged and energized and to propel your blog to new heights.

Why not be a star?

This happy little 35-pager eBook includes anything and everything you need to succeed with blogging and how to make your blog the go-to blog for its topic.

We’ve got tips for beginning a blog, establishing a name for yourself, growing readership, and reaching out beyond the blog.  Finally, included are examples of successful niche blogs in a wide range of topics.

It’s what you need to read whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, already a few months in, or if you’ve been in the space for a few years now.  It’s professional development for you, from the comfort of your home.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • How to be a Blogstar–Make Your Blog Work for You:  Blogging is a difficult job. There’s a lot to know, and there’s a whole lot to learn, every single day.

What I’ve done is shoved all that I’ve learned–or most of it, at least!–over my nearly five years of blogging and threw it into one little eBook.

  You can buy it now, just by clicking on the link above! It’s a quick read, with tons of tips and insight from some serious blog superstars along the way. Quick links to examples I mention, research in the field, relevant articles, and blogs that show you great ways of incorporating branding, promotion, and use of the tips and tricks noted here. It covers: the definition of niche blog; 3 types of blogs; pros and cons of each; questions to ask yourself before you begin, and your purpose for blogging. It covers how to succeed with your blog and how to make your blog the go-to for its topic. blogstar ebook table of contents It goes on in Part II to cover all of the things you need for smart branding and for spreading the word about your awesome blog; it covers establishing a name for yourself and making wise personal and professional decisions.  You’ve got tons on LinkedIn and establishing your validity as a blogger. Growing readership is covered, along with connecting with others online and offline, as well as the importance of consistency and guest posting in blogging.   Finally, we cover reaching out beyond the blog with other print and online media and tips for making worthwhile brand, business, and company contacts.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not.

Does it 100% cover everything you need to make millions of dollars blogging?  Um, nope.

Could it include more? Sure.

But I wrote ‘how to be a blogstar: make your blog work for YOU‘ for the already-busy person who wants to know how to get immediate bang for her (or his) buck while blogging.  It could be 100 pages. But who has time to read 100 pages?


I’m one of those gals who, if given the chance, would be in school full-time, all the time.

I’m a nerd, a bookworm, a longtime lover of learning.  So I’ve really jumped on opportunities to learn about blogging–to attend conferences, to connect, and to grow in this ever-changing space.   I’ve been in this blogging space for close to five years now, and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way.  And I’ve spoken at quite a few events about anything from blogging, to community building, to branding or content creation.

I’m thrilled to have put it down in one sweet little package for new–and seasoned–bloggers to take and make their own because with blogging, the sky is the limit.  You can literally take your blog as far as you’d like; you can make it as big or as small as feels right for you.

Have any questions?  Let me know in the comments, and once you check it out, please let me know what you think!

Happy blogging!



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