how to make summer reading FUN for your kids

summer reading coverFor many children, summer reading is not a big deal.

They’re readers by nature, so the task of reading ten books–or more–is a simple pleasure.  For others, however, summer reading is second on their list of things to do only to walking on glass or poking sticks in their eyes.

So how do you make summer reading fun for kids?

How do you get them to want to read, to want to put down the Wii controller or the DS and instead pick up a book?

It’s not easy, but if you start now–if you carve out some simple patterns with summer reading early in the game–perhaps this year will be different.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have year-round readers on your hands.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • How to Make Summer Reading CRAZY Fun for Kids: There are a million ways to do this, mind you, but for now I’m sharing three.

Just three teeny, tiny ways of the hundreds.  Here you go:

What do you think? What are YOUR sneaky-parent ways of making summer reading more fun for your kiddos?

Do you start off with a Summer Reading Backyard Book Party like we did, or do  you rock it out some other cool way? Perhaps your kids are already bookworms?  What if one is and one is not? What’s a parent to do?

Next up: How to talk to your kids about their summer reading books (without making them run screaming from you). . . .




  1. cheryl says

    what about getting kids to write in the summer??? my son needs practice with spacing in his writing. I don’t want him to hate it though.

  2. says

    Great ideas! I like taking kids to the bookstore to pick out a brand new book. The bookstores make the books look so appealing, and then usually kids will read what they selected. It costs money but it works and it worth it! Carolyn

  3. Dana says

    Thanks for the great tips! Another thing I do is have the kids read while we’re out. For instance, at the zoo I ask the kids to read the animal info fact boards. They don’t seem to mind because we’re right there looking at the animals! Then we talk about what we just read. Even better… when dad gets home later, they get to recall some things they read as they tell him all about the cool things they saw and learned!

    • amy says

      Dana! SUPER ideas!! I love that these little suggestions mean huge learning–reading practice and recalling! And all at the zoo! Thanks for reading, my friend, and huge thanks for taking the time to write!


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