lunchbox notes: valentine’s day knock-knock jokes

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valentines day lunchbox joke notes

Yikes! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and although we’ve been busy over

Our family’s still on a knock-knock joke kick, so I ran with that again for our Valentine’s Day-themed planning our Valentine’s Day cards, I’ve been sneaking around, making more lunchbox notes.

Really, I’m of the notion that any way we can get our kiddos to read–whether it’s a comic strip, the tv-listing, the menu at McDonald’s, license plates, street signs, etc–is something.

So if my kids are into jokes, I’ll go with it.

And especially because Owen’s beginning to pick out words here and there, if he can read ‘knock’, he might be able to create the word ‘sock’ and ‘rock’, and if we’re lucky, he may be able to make–or at least read– ‘clock’,  ‘block’, ‘smock’.  So cool.

But I’ll be honest: if he picks up a word or two, great. The really important thing is whether or not my kiddos giggle with their buddies at lunchtime. That’s what I’m really hoping happens.

So here we are again, rockin’ the knock-knocks:

Here’s the skinny. . .

With apologies to Hall & Eisenberg, I modified the jokes slightly, but only because the book’s jokes link together; several jokes on a page center around an illustration or tell a little story.valentines day joke notes | free printables on

valentines day joke notes | free printables on

A Valentine’s Day Joke Note is ready for Owen’s lunchbox.

The valentines day knock-knock joke notes are here to download as a pdf if you so choose.  There are two sheets of mixed shapes and various jokes and poems.  I printed mine on cardstock because it holds up better, but plain paper will do.

I fold the longer ones and hold them together with a heart foamie.  But you don’t have to, and if I’m running late, I’ll just toss it in.

valentines day joke notes | free printables on

I think it’s a riot to throw these kinds of notes in your kids’ backpacks, lunchboxes, or tennis shoes.  Put one on a pillow or around a toothbrush; sneak one in a pair of undies (clean ones!) or coat pocket.  Leave one on the car seat, placemat or piano bench.

And sometimes it’s hard, but I try really hard to laugh harder and harder each time I hear the jokes because before  I know it, knock-knocks will be a thing of the past for my kiddos, and they’ll be onto the next thing. . .

So that’s it–just a teeny bit of (silly) learning between now and Valentine’s Day.  I’ve got a super-cool, fabulous and fun lunchbox love up my sleeve for after the day o’ love, thanks to one of my pals.  Stay tuned!


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  1. RG says

    I love writing these kind of notes to my kiddos too! Thank you for your detective work. My kids are on a joke kick as well. Curious. Did you find any jokes for groundhog day (2nd) or bubble gum day (1st)? Along with the jokes, my children are curiously informed of many off the radar celebratory days. Thanks for your help.

    • amy says

      oh, man. . . this is a whole new level of fun if I jump on the totally random and completely out-there calendar days. hmmm, want to be my partner in crime and send me some cool dates, and I’ll throw them together in some crazy-fun lunchbox notes?

      I’m up for it!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for creating these. I’ve used your lunchbox notes before and my kindergartener loves them. Funny thing–I actually made a few Valentines notes last night, and I was going to email you the link I found to the jokes today in case you were in need. But I see you’ve got it taken care of. Great work!

    Here is the link to the jokes in case you need a few more:

  3. cheryl says

    I was not able to download the lunchbox jokes from the link you gave. could you possibly send me another, easier version for me to print. I am going to do these with my emergent reader!!

    thank you!

  4. Kelly says

    Thanks for posting this! My daughter is on major joke kick as well right now and these will be perfect for her lunch box! Love your great ideas!

  5. Deanna K says

    thanks for the jokes!
    can’t wait to put them in the lunch box this week!
    (can’t wait to send the kids back to school after being home for a week of snow storms!)

  6. Holly says

    Thank you for these cute jokes! I hid them all over the house and my kiddos had fun finding them. Plus it gave me a break from the joke they usually tell 50 times (seriously like 50 times) a day…what’s black and white and green and black and white and green? A skunk and a penguin fighting over a pickle.

    • amy says

      ha! what a cute idea–a joke overload!! love, love, love it! And if I hit breakfast equipped with that joke tomorrow, I’ll be the hit of the parade! Thanks for sharing!!


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