quick, easy father’s day surprise notes: kid-made and dad-approved

fathers day daily surprise cards Father’s Day is here.

Like practically tomorrow.

And with the whirlwind of the end-of-school excitement, Father’s Day often takes a back seat to. . . well, other things.

Not this year.

Even though we’re on the clock, the kids and I made these quick and easy Father’s Day Surprise Notes that I know their dad will adore.

Kid-made–all of their ideas–and totally Dad-approved–all things he will love.

But this is not your typical Father’s Day Ticket Book. We’ve been there and done that. And really? They don’t always work.  The dad in this house, at least, often forgets to use his tickets and then they go to waste.

Not this year.

New version. Guaranteed to work.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Quick, Easy Father’s Day Surprise Notes– Kid-Made and Dad-Approved: So instead of giving Dad all of the tickets at once, we’re keeping the kids in control this time.

We’ll show Dad the Dad Rules envelope on Father’s Day, but then we’re taking it back.

He sees it and then he doesn’t. Like magic.

fathers day surprise tickets

fathers day surprise tickets

The kids (and I, of course!) will surprise their dad every so often with a Father’s Day Surprise Ticket–fun little treats to make Father’s Day last a whole lot longer than one measly day in June.

We simply changed the wording of the tickets, added in a few more surprises, printed them off, and we’re done.

Maddy, Owen, and Cora added a few of their own–there’s a blank page for last-minute ideas–and they added a few before we sealed the envelope.

Fathers Day Surprise Tickets 2013 by teach mama

We added a few fancy stickers on the envelope, and we’re good to go.

fathers day surprise tickets

Father’s Day Surprise Tickets . . .

fathers day surprise tickets

. . . fun for the kids to make,

fathers day surprise tickets

sans glue and crazy craft supplies.

And that’s it–just a quickie little way for the kids to show Dad they care!

All you need for these is imagination and a dad who can roll with the punches, handle a few good surprises, and enjoys a few creative kids!

Happy Father’s Day, dads!!



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