quick trick: bye, bye birthday cards

I have never really been a birthday card sender. And as much as I do love to receive cards, I’ve already come clean and admitted what we do with cards over here.

I do see the value in taking time to write a short, meaningful message to the birthday guy–or gal–but for our little 2, 3, or 4 year old friends, how much does that message really mean?

Sometimes it’s all I can do to get a present wrapped on the correct day for any of Maddy, Owen, or Cora’s little pals, let alone have my kids sit down to create and then write out a birthday card.

So lately, rather than spend the money for a card that may–or may not–beread by a little person eager to open his birthday gift, I’ve nixed the card altogether.

This Quick Trick is simple, and for us, it’s been working:

  • Creative Cards: When I catch a sale on Crayola watercolors or small packs of crayons, I’ve been stockpiling.

And I attach one of them, unwrapped, to the birthday gift, and there’s the card.

With permanent marker, I’ll throw on a “Happy Birthday to (whomever)” and “Love, (Maddy, Owen, or Cora)”, and that’s it. There you have it–our new take on birthday cards.

I know that my kids could always use–and love–a new set of paints or a small pack of crayons, so I’m running on the assumption that it’s the same for most kiddos, no matter the age.

Here’s to many happy birthdays in 2010 and many tiny packs of crayons to go around!



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