how to get kids to talk about school:

what every parent must know

School’s in full swing here, and if your house is anything like mine, getting kids to talk about their day is sometimes difficult.

1.  direct questions: 

Most often, numero uno–direct questions–are a complete and utter fail for me. Save for those rare occasions when the stars are aligned, the odds are rarely ever in my favor for this technique.

How to Get Kids to Talk About School:

The most important thing here is that we really have to read our own kids, not be too pushy, and try to let the conversations evolve naturally.

2. group questions:

Group questions often work for us. They often work especially around the dinner table and when we’ve got an audience, even if that audience is Dad.

3.  distracted questions:

One of my dear friends suggested that chatting with tweens and teens is best conducted this way–while you’re both doing something.

Though I’m no expert, from what I’ve heard and read, you should do a whole lot more listening than talking.

And when you do say something, paraphrasing is key. It’s like putting money in the bank.


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