10 fun ways of helping kids learn the abc’s

It’s so easy for us to say we want our kids to learn the ABC’s and 123’s before kids hit Kindergarten, but how do we actually do it?

Is there an ideal time to start teaching these all-too-important basics?

What if your kiddo is just not interested in such things? How do you make learning the ABC’s fun?

It’s a lot easier than you may think, and honestly, in my opinion, there’s no time like the present to get rockin’ and rollin’ on helping your kids learn the ABC’s.   So whether your child is 6 or 6 months, I’d say get going. Now.  And have fun with it.

Start singing, stickering, hunting, painting, and spraying your way to either an alphabet-filled summer.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • 10 Fun Ways of Helping Kids Learn the ABC’s:

1.  Play ABC Games — Play alphabet board games, play alphabet clothespin games, play alphabet wordo!

2.  Point Out ABC’s EverwhereGo on Alphabet Hunts, hide the ABC’s around your house (then do it again).  Then go on Backyard Alphabet Hunts— so fun, it’s nuts. 

3.  Celebrate the Letters of Kids’ Names — For the little guys, start with their letter–the first letter of his or her name–and go from there. Find the letter on the cereal box, on signs, in books.  Play Family Name Letter Connect.  Once they master that, move onto the other letters of the name and then introduce family names.

4.  Read ABC Books — There are tons of them out there, believe me, but a super-fun fave of ours is Superhero ABC.  Visit my pal, Allie’s awesome post, 50 Fantastic ABC Books for more.

5.  Sort the ABC’s — Separate letters and numbers.  Sort tricky fonts.  Play with those magnetic letters on the fridge and sort the ABC’s on lids.

6.  Spray the ABC’s — You heard me. Spray the ABC’s.


help kids learn abc's


7.  Play ABC Bingo — Play Alphabet Bingo with uppercase letters.  Play it with the letters of your child’s name.  Play it with lowercase letters.  Stamp it or write it.  Just play it.

8.  Sing the ABC Song — Sing that song–c’mon, you know it–same tune as Twinkle, Twinkle and Baa Baa Blacksheep.  Sing it all the time.  Sing it at bath time, bed time, breakfast time.  Sing other songs of course, but make ABC top of the charts. It will help.

9.  Crazy Write the ABC’s — Write the ABC’s with sticky stuff, with paint, with water, or with wiggly wigglies.  Make it different.   Write on windows. Write in the sky.

10.  Move and Groove the ABC’s — Get up and move to the ABC’s with ABC Exercise Cards or get leafy with an Outdoor Alphabet Hunt.


Want more? After checking out the links above, visit our Read Aloud Learning Series for some super-easy tips, then check the right sidebar for other topics you need.  Reading the article, Get Ready to Read: Young Reader Skills, by Marie Faust Evitt, will also give you some important milestones that all parents should know!

Want to share your awesome ways to teach the ABC’s? Please visit we teach and join our Alphabet Group! We’d love to learn from you!

Happy ABC learning!


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  1. says

    Love this post. Kiddo #1 has the ABCs down pat but crazily, kiddo #2 is just starting to learn them too! I can’t believe he’s not a baby anymore and is actually old enough to learn letters. He is soooooo different from #1 that it will be good to have a ton of different resources to think about when teaching him letters. I’m sure what worked with #1 won’t work with 2, they are so different. I’ll be back to check these out in more detail!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’m a nanny for two special needs boys. The 7 year old is in first grade and has spelling words he is suppose to know how to read and write every week. But he doesn’t know how to read. And although he can say the alphabet he doesn’t actually know the letters when placed in front of him. It is very frustrating for his grandma and myself when trying to help him with his homework. We are realizing the private school he was attending before transferring to the public school didn’t really teach him as much as we thought and he is now struggling in school. I have been trying very hard to help him learn his letters. But he forgets in the matter of minutes what letter we just said it was. Do you think your activities above would be helpful for him to learn his ABC’s or are there other tactics his grandma and I should try? Any advice is welcome. I know he is a smart boy, and I know he doesn’t have a problem memorizing things as he can memorize movies line for line. Just trying to find some options for us to help him learn.

    • says

      Yes, yes, yes! Elizabeth, I’m sure your struggles are exhausting you, but my only advice (and though I am an educator, my expertise is not in special needs) is to incorporate fun learning into all the games and daily activities that you can. The more the kiddos play with letters and numbers in a variety of multi-sensory ways, the better.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for some more resources that may help you, and if you find anything, please do share. Best to you!

  3. Pamela Jones says

    I have a 6year old who knows his abc. How CN I make it fun for him to where he understands he’s good with everything else it’s jus his abc. Can u help me find away to help.


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