beautified baby slide

I think I may have a problem.beautified baby slide

When my husband told me that his brother wanted to take our sadly neglected hand-me-down baby slide for his daughter–our sweet, almost-2-year-old neice–my heart raced.

I had spray paint sitting in the garage from when I pimped our coupe a few weeks back.

I had to think fast. He was coming the next day.
And there was no way we were going to pass along a sad and faded slide to our most-favorite-in-the-whole-world neice. I got to work.

  • Beautified Baby Slide: First, we scrubbed this baby down. She was sparklin’.
Oooooh, baby, she was clean.

Then, I made some flower and leaf stencils.

I painted the ugly, faded orange parts white and cream, then I threw on some flowers–tulips and daisies.

And then I put on some leaves, here and there.

And that’s it. Super-simple and now oh-so-beautiful.

A perfect first outside slide for our sweet neice.

Some things you can only do in the summertime! I’m so curious–anyone else frequently beautifying or pimpin’ their backyard toys this summer? Link them here!




  1. Elise says

    What a wonderful Aunt you are. That looks amazing and your little niece will get hours and hours of fun out of this.

  2. Amy from Occupation: Mommy says

    You are the best Aunt ever! I can say that b/c my kids only have uncles (so far). Were your kids OK with parting with the slide now that it looks so pretty? My girls would've pitched a fit to let go of such a nice piece of yard art :)

  3. Lauren @ SuperMom Central says

    What a totally cool project! I can't believe you just came up with the whole design on the fly – I need you living next door to me!

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