olympic torch game for kids

olympic torch game

Have you been busy keeping up with the Olympics? Sure, they have only just begun, but if your kids are anything like mine, they’ve been hit with the Olympic FEVER!

Who knew that this world event would be so much fun–even watching from thousands of miles away?

No matter what sport is your family’s favorite, most everyone seems to be intrigued by the Olympic Torch Relay. Though we were driving back from the beach so we couldn’t see it live, we watched it with the kids several times, and they were in awe.

We laughed about our own version of the Olympic Torch Relay that we held here in our own back yard a few weeks back, and though ours was a far cry from the amazing London version, I really do think it helped prepare Maddy, Owen, and Cora a teeny, tiny bit for what they watched on the screen.

It’s about activating schema, right? Getting those brains ready to learn!

Head over to the Melissa & Doug to get the skinny, where I wrote about our own, super-simple, totally fun backyard adaptation of the famous Olympic Torch relay in a silly Olympic Torch Game we created.

The kids even perfected the ‘torch kiss’ and the lighting of the cauldron, though I have to admit, the 2012 cauldron lighting is something I never could have imagined. . .

Check it out: Olympic Torch Game

And happy 2012 Olympics!




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    Wonderful! Children will want to emulate the Olympians which is such a nice benefit of watching the events. Thanks so much! I added this to the We Teach Resources pages. Carolyn

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