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As many know, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week this week, a time to really let all the teachers in our lives know how grateful we are for their hard work.

With my kids being so young, it’s hard for me to physically help out in Maddy’s school like I wish I could. All I could do to assist with the teachers’ luncheon today was to bring a case of water as my contribution. Lame? Sure. Totally and completely lame with a capital ‘L’.

But at least it’s something, right?

While finding coverage for Owen and Cora may be difficult–or impossible–some days, I still wanted to express my gratitude to the staff at Maddy’s school in some way.

Note-crazy I am, so I spruced up the ole case of H2O last night when the kids had gone to bed. And for some reason, I felt a little bit better dropping it off this morning.

  • Water Bottle Notes: For those times when you just cannot manage anything else (like me, this busy month of May. . . ), Water Bottle Notes make even the most simple contribution to anything teacher-y a little brighter.

Okay, or at least I’m telling myself they’re cool because they only took a second to print, cut out, and attach to my lame case of water. But they sure prettied-up our kitchen counter while they sat there waiting for elementary school drop-off today.

teacher appreciation water bottles | teachmama.comour water bottles, all dressed up and ready for their luncheon

Water Bottle Notes are here as a pdf to download if you’d like to put a smile on your teachers’ faces this week. . . or whenever you’re able.

Check them out: teacher appreciation water bottles _ teachmama.com

Maybe this isn’t your year to help out at your kiddo’s school a ton, either. It’s hard to do it all–this is for sure. But sometimes even the little things we’re able to do, while we’re catching up with our husband for the first time in two days, or when we’re sitting down for the first time in hours makes us feel just a little bit better.

And if we can show our children’s teachers how very much we appreciate them, I think it’s totally worth our while–even if it’s a short while.


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  1. c2cmom says

    Very cute! Perhaps it's not all in the presentation, but in the sentiment too. I'm going to use this idea for school next week!


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