we teach: holiday learning eBook — free, fab, filled with ideas

free holiday learning eBookHip, hip, HOORAY!!  The we teach holiday learning eBook is hot off the presses!

Filled with fabulous ideas from over 30 brilliant members of our forum, the holiday learning eBook is FREE to all members of we teach and we’re sure you’ll find something worthwhile that you can use either for home or classroom holiday learning fun. . .

And the cool thing is that nearly every activity can be adapted for other holidays or special events–we look forward to seeing how you use and adapt the contributors’ ideas!

  • we teach holiday learning eBook: in 46 pages, you’ll find 35+ ideas that you can use inside or outside, for gifts or for yourself, for learning, celebrating, and ringing in 15 different holidays or special occasions.

It’s packed with craft ideas, cooking ideas, and literacy ideas. It’s got math, science, and play ideas.  Some are messy; some aren’t. Some require prep, and some are ones you can do on the fly.

As members of we teach, you can print the printables or print the whole book. Keep it in your diaper bag, your car, or your stroller. Throw it in a binder alongside our summertime learning eBook, and  you’ve got quite a publication! Amazing!

The we teach holiday learning eBook features over 30 ideas for holiday learning from we teach members including craft, cooking, literacy, math, science, focused play, indoor and outdoor suggestions, and considerations for taking learning a step further.

The we teach holiday learning eBook covers:


 Huuuuge thanks to the incredibly talented contributors of the ‘we teach’ holiday learning eBook:

A talented and varied forum of over 3000+ members, we teach has grown rapidly over the last year into a strong and supportive, resource-rich online community of teachers, parents, and caregivers, bound by a common goal of making learning a fun and engaging experience for students of all ages.

And we’ve just announced a very exciting partnership with one of the most highly respected designers and manufacturers of educational toys and children’s products–Melissa & Doug — and they want to learn from YOU!)

Visit us: http://weteachgroup.com

Join in on the fun, and learn, share, and grow as educators for our children!



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