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2 crazy cool ways to use shoeboxes

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two ways to use shoeboxesLet’s face it, times are tough for a lot of us, so it’s due time that we really begin to use what we have in clever and creative ways.

How about shoeboxes? Many families buy about two pair of shoes for each child every single year, so that amounts in a whole lot of shoeboxes for families.  Let’s use ‘em!

With all of our kids’ toys and crafting supplies, it makes sense to put shoeboxes to use; many of the boxes are so sturdy, they rival the plastic storage bins, and hey–these puppies won’t end up clogging up our landfills once we’re long gone.  So they’re handy and green.  Sweet!

This Quick Trick I’m sharing two crazy-cool ways to use shoeboxes–one for teaching kids an important life skill, and the other for keeping your crafts a little more organized.  Quick. Easy.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • 2 Crazy-Cool Ways to Use Shoeboxes: Kids need to start learning how to tie their shoes before they walk through those doors to Kindergarten.  Many won’t have mastered it by then, but they all should have at least tried.

The Shoelace Box has proven to be a life-saver for teaching my sweet Owen how to tie his shoes, and we’re starting Shoelace Box practice with Cora this summer.

And because this has been the summer for retro crafts (more on that later!) we’ve needed to find ways to organize our ribbon.  Welcome to our world, Maddy’s Ribbon Box.

Take a look. . .


Want a little more information on teaching kids how to tie their shoes?  Check out our original post on the Shoelace Box.

Want more information on retro crafts? Coming soon!

How do YOU use shoeboxes for learning and fun? 

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  1. We use them for lots of things! When my son was 6, I had him take ALL the tiny kid-shoe-sized shoe boxes and help me organize our hardware closet. He sorted all our junk–nails, screws, hooks, tape, etc.–and labeled each box, now each item has a home on the shelf in the basement. It’s so easy to find things!

    My girls like to use little shoeboxes to make “collections,” either of items by color, or for nature items outside. They’ve turned them on their side to make a home for a small toy animal, creating furniture and decorations from construction paper. So fun!

    • awesome, Gina!! Super ideas and thank you SO, so much for sharing! Love the collection ideas–fab!!

  2. What a great idea! It was so good to meet you at EVO. You did a wonderful job on your panel. Look forward to keeping up with your blog.

  3. I am so going to make on of these for my guy!

    • yay! please let me know how it goes for you, my friend!!


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