#blog4cause: be inspired by the generosity of others

We’re so pleased with the results of practice giving with your family: #blog4causethe #blog4cause campaign, and we’re only on week three.

At this point, we have talked with, tweeted with, facebooked with, pinned with, Instagrammed with, and tweeted with tons of friends who have been wildly inspired by how parents are teaching their kids about giving this holiday season.

This week, our hope for you is that you are as inspired by the generosity of others as we have been.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • #blog4cause–Be Inspired by the Generosity of Others: This week, we’ve been tweeting up a storm about the #blog4cause awesome


#blog4cause: be inspired by the generosity of others


We’ve been pinning the #blog4cause awesome:


#blog4cause: be inspired by the generosity of others

And the #blog4cause generosity is adding up:

  • over 40 hours dedicated to giving;
  • over $800 raised for charity;
  • over 80 items of food;
  • over 40 books or supplies;
  • over 35 boxes filled for Operation Child;
  • time spent volunteering in a food bank and miles pounded on the pavement for a cause.

 Please join us in inspiring others by sharing the ways you are teaching your family about giving this holiday season.

Check back on the initial #blog4cause post to get the whole deal, but essentially, we’re sharing the ways we’re giving back to the community–local or larger–in any way that works for your family.   Little hands can make a big difference.

Please look at each of the links below for ideas and inspiration, follow our pins, tweets, and posts each week, or read Lynne Ticknor’s article, Share Your Thoughts: The Gift of Giving, over on Mom’s Homeroom. Happy giving!

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    That’s so touching! Of course any help makes a difference, that’s what all of us should learn – sometimes we don’t do sth as it “wouldn’t even matter” and that’s exactly this kind of thinking we need to change!

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