how to make beautiful, no-sew fairy skirts

how to make a beautiful no-sew fairy skirt Cora just turned five, and what better way to ring in this big and exciting year than with a Fairy Princess Spa Party?

For months, my tiny one has been talking about this event and planning and changing and adjusting and planning and adjusting and planning some more–so much so that I am just a wee bit sad that the party has come and gone.  But what I realized is that coordinating these kinds of events with kids is so good for them.  Cora–I hope–will someday understand that if you put time, effort, and energy into something, it can really become fun and memorable.

One of the best parts of her Fairy Princess Spa party was the beautiful Fairy Skirt that each girl got when she arrived at the party.

I personally love anything with tulle, and add a little glitter, a bit of shimmery ribbon, and one huge and fabulous fake flower, and it’s nearly every five-year-old girl’s dream.  

I look forward to sharing more about the How-To’s of her Fairy Princess Spa Party, but for now, we’re talking Fairy Skirt.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • How to Make a Beautiful, No-Sew Fairy Skirt: It’s simple. And addicting.  So beware and be forewarned that soon you’ll want to make a Fairy Skirt for every day of the week.  (To be worn with leggings underneath, of course. . . )

I remembered my pal Allie sharing the how-to’s of a Baby Dress No-Sew Tutu, so I ran back to her post and got the basics.  Though her little sweets was teeny when she wore the tutu, I knew that Cora’s buddies would require slightly bigger skirts. . . and we’d need to make ten or twelve.

So we had to go simple.  But that’s just soooo hard to do when we’re talking Fairy Skirts and everything is beautiful and glittery.

Essentially, all you need is tulle and ribbon, but we blinged ours out with a little dollar store flower action.   The how-to is very simple, and you can see it on the video at the end of the post below.

But if you are not into videos, then it’s also right here:

1.  Cut a piece of ribbon about 12 inches longer than the girl’s waist size, and tape both ends to two chairs. 

2.  Cut the tulle.  Wrap tulle around your arm (from hand to elbow) about 20 times and cut the loop at your hand, so that you have 10 pieces.  Our skirts had 30-40 pieces of tulle on each, a mix of white, cream, and colors (plain and glittery).   With about two small rolls of tulle and one large roll, you can make about three skirts.


 3.  Make a loop of tulle in front of the ribbon. 

4.  Pull the ends of the tulle through.

5.  Tighten the loop and repeat. Many times. Many, many times.   (I suggest inviting some girlfriends or your sisters over and make it a Fairy Skirt Makin’ GNO.)

6.  When finished, tie a knot in the last tulle loop on each end.  That way, the tulle won’t fall off when the girls put the skirts on and off.

7.  Add ribbons and embellishments!  Loop ribbon exactly like you did the tulle, and if you really want to get crazy, tie a flower onto one of the ribbons. The girls will love it!!

8.  Give the skirts to the girls and let them play, pretend, and have fun!


 I started my skirts out with white and cream tulle. . .


. . . and then I added color, glitter, ribbons, and flowers.

And that’s really it for Fairy Skirts! So easy–and so beautiful. Really. They were so pretty.

Here’s a fancy-schmancy new video sharing the how-to skinny:


Our skirts were ready to go, waiting for their fairies.

 A close-up of a few pink skirts. . .

 . . . and our skirts and wings waiting for fairies to claim them!  LOVE!


Looking for more fairy spa party fun ideas? I’ll share our snacks, games, and activities this week, I promise!

And if you are a YouTube fan, please ‘fan’ our YouTube channel, which will soon feature one quickie how-to a week. Woot!

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  1. says

    Wow! This is such a great, simple idea-And you put fantastic pictures up too! I have a “Fairy Yoga” birthday party coming up, and I will add these skirts to the wands & wings I have! The girls will love this- Thanks so much for the post!

    • amy says

      thanks so much, Barbara!! PLease, please, please share with me what you decide to do for the Fairy Yoga party–I am so curious!! Many thanks, my friend!!

    • amy says

      but your boys will likely be invited to many little girls’ parties in the next few years, my friend. . . so you can get your fairy skirt making in then!! xoxoxo

  2. Marilyn says

    What a great idea. I love it. I am a grandmother. But what can I make for her 4 year old brother?

    • amy says

      Marilyn, I am at a loss. . . an artist’s apron? a work belt? a chef’s apron? a superhero cape? Let me know what you decide!!


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