more secrets to an awesome fairy party: flower napkin rings

sweet fancy flower napkin rings  fairy party

I promise that I’m not turning into a fairy party junkie–this is my last fairy princess spa party-related post, and it’s a quickie.

It’s just that I so don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so I do hope that another tired, inspired, determined parent out there finds these ideas for a fairy celebration and can use some or all of them. Really.

And this little secret to an awesome fairy spa party is so quick, and so easy, and so adaptable–that the possibilities are endless.

Though these decorated our fairy tea party table, Cora immediately grabbed an extra one and put it on the doll’s head–from the Doll Cake–as a crown.  So perhaps for your party, they can be doll crowns, doll bracelets, rings for a necklace, or dividers in a sorting game.

I still have a boatload over here, so you better believe we’ll be doing something with plastic rings and cardboard tubes in the next few days–

Here’s the skinny . . .

  • More Secrets to an Awesome Fairy Party– Flower Napkin Rings: That’s right. What on earth is a fairy princess spa party without fancy-schmancy napkin rings?

Made with items we already had in the house–from the tulle, ribbon, and flowers from our fairy skirts, it’s super-cool for little ones to see how you can really create something from what appears to be trash.fairy party cover

And that’s it. Simple, quick, so pretty.

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How might YOU use these tiny plastic rings? The cardboard tubes?  I know you’ve got ideas–and I’d love to hear them!





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