new for us friday: dinosaur train –the movie!

dinosaur train --the movieWe’ve done a whole lot of new-for-us things this summer, but with the excitement of our Smart Summer Challenge, I’ve hardly had time to share them.

However, I had to take a minute today to get back into the swing of New For Us Fridays, and what better way to start than with a new-for-everyone something: Dinosaur Train–Dinosaur Big City movie!

Our friends at PBS sent us a rockin’ Dinosaur party pack that we used today with some of our pals. But the most awesome news is that everyone’s a winner with this New For Us Friday because the Dinosaur Train–Dinosaur Big City movie airs this coming Monday, August 22 on PBS Kids!

So everyone can watch it, record it, or buy the DVD which will be released the following day.

Here’s the Dinosaur Train par-tay skinny:

  • Dinosaur Train–Dinosaur Big City Movie Par-tay: We unrolled the red carpet for our buddies early this morning, and Maddy, Owen, and Cora were literally bouncing off of the wall waiting for the event to begin.

dinosaur train the movie

Maddy, Owen, Cora, and I fill our Dinosaur Train goodie bags.

Before bed last night, we filled our happy movie-goodie bags for everyone, complete with everything that litdinosaur train the movietle guys love–sunglasses, clappers, Hollywood awards, flashlights, and (of course!) mini-Dinosaur Train figurines.  The kids had a blast counting the number of items in each bag to make sure that everyone had the same amount–and that no one missed out on any of the cool items!

By the time the morning rolled around, everyone was ready to see the Big City movie.

After breakfast, the kids’ pals arrived, and after some water-coloring and Rescue Hero playtime, we popped some popcorn and threw the movie in!

They loved it.

And why wouldn’t they? My kids are huge fans of Dinosaur Train–they love Buddy and Tiny and the whole Pteranodon family.  And with each episode, they’re learning about history, science, and paleontology in fun and engaging ways.

dinosaur train the movie

The popcorn was popped, bags were filled, and the movie was awesome!

dinosaur train the movie

Dinosaur Train–Dinosaur Big City is an hour-long movie that marks the second season of The Dinosaur Train program.  Dinosaur Big City focuses on Buddy and his Pteranodon family’s journey on the Dinosaur Train, and their travels to a really big Theropod Club Convention, which is being held in Laramidia, the “Dinosaur Big City.”  Once the Dinosaur Train arrives in Laramidia, Buddy and the Pteranodon family explore the crowded “dinosaur metropolis”, meeting new dino pals and helping the mayor overcome his stage fright.

Our movie was actually several episodes on one DVD, so each time an episode ended, the kids yelled and hollered, ‘No way! It can’t be over!! Mom!!!!’

But within minutes the opening song would begin, and the crew breathed a sign of relief that they’d be able to see firsthand how Buddy and his family made it in the Big City.  And they did.  Everyone agreed that the movie was a big hit in their books–and that they’d like to see it again and again, especially since they learned about a ‘new’ prehistoric era, dinosaurs, and ideas. 

We’re glad we had the opportunity to screen it here, under our own roof, before its debut on Monday.


GIVEAWAY: Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City movie

Do you want to see Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City movie?


What a fun way to resume New For Us Fridays over here! I’m looking forward to a whole new year of trying out new foods, new recipes, new games, new toys, new activities, new books, and new vacation spots with our family!  If you have a NFUF suggestion, please send it my way–we’re always up for adding a little something new to our lives!


fyi: Big thanks to our friends at PBS for sending us this fab Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City pre-screening kit which included the movie, snacks, and packed goodie bags for our movie attendees.  This is an unsponsored post, and the opinions here are my own, influenced only by my three little Dinosaur Train fans. 




  1. says

    This is a fun show to watch, and I got the video, and some of the soft cover books online, since getting it in the store would be nearly impossible. Of course i one episode that I thought was funny, was when it taught about how all dinosaurs poop. I would think that it’s kind of weird that a Pteranadon family would adopt a baby T-rex, since the egg was abandoned, I wonder how or if it’s possible for Troadons to survive in a snowy and icy area, when the only thing they had to keep them warm was a few fury or feathery covered spots on their neck, and they loved to play ice hockey? I think the show is great, and maybe they should promote it with a live show on stage or a fun dino exploritorium, where kids can have fun hands on learning about dinosaurs, fossils, and maybe even go digging in a large sandbox for dino fossils. That would be Dino-Mite!

    • amy says

      HA! My kids loved that one, too. Though the premise is a bit strange, what they do with each episode is awesome, and the sneaky learning and fun ways of presenting information are fabulous. LOVE the live show idea–I’m sure our friends at PBS would love to hear your ideas! Check out PBS Kids or PBS Parents on Facebook–leave a comment, and see what they say!

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