super easy, super spooky halloween treats

spooky halloween snacksWoo-hoo! It’s the busy few days before Halloween, and as I’ve said before, I’m more a fan of tricky and treaty than I am of scary and creepy.

This week, I planned my first-ever elementary school Halloween party for Maddy’s class (with the help of the coolest co-Room Parent ever). We put our heads together and came up with (we think!) some really fun ways of rockin’ Halloween, first-grade-party style.

We played a bunch of Halloweeny games but our super-easy–and super-spooky–Halloween treats are what I think were crazy cool.

I put all of the recipes our family used this year at home and at school (except Dinner in a Pumpkin) on one sheet so that next year it’s all together.

Super-Easy, Super-Spooky Halloween Treats is here to download as a pdf if you’d like.

Here’s the skinny:

spooky halloween treats eyeballs-WMeyeballs on a plate
  • Eyeballs on a Plate: Not to worry! They’re not really eyeballs! They’re just powdered donuts, gummy Life-Savers, a chocolate chip, and gel icing.

My super-awesome co-RP made these, and they look so fabulous! I am not sure I would have had the patience to make them look so realistic, but I’ve learned that my pal has crazy eyeball-making skills!

spooky halloween treats fingersThe fingers were all ready. . .
  • Fingers in a Bowl: So easy–and for some reason, so funny to me–these ‘fingers’ turned out completely hysterical. Peeled carrots, a little cream cheese ‘glue’ and a slivered almond for the nail are all they are, and they only took a few minutes to make.spooky halloween treats fingers
. . . to meet their hands.

I tried to pick out the long and skinny, twisted carrots, cut them in half, and that’s it. The fun part for me? Putting the hands together in the bowl of dip.

  • Boogies on a Stick: I’ll be honest, these did make me gag as I made them. Cheese-Whiz meets green food coloring and together they meet a pretzel rod.

That’s it. I read that to make ‘goopier’ boogies you could let the ‘boogies’ cool, then dip them again, but I couldn’t do it.

I could barely handle the bubbling mixture as I blended the Whiz and food coloring.

Maddy admitted later that the Boogies on a Stick might have been ‘the absolute grossest thing she ever saw in her life’ and they tasted ‘disgusting’. Nice.

spooky halloween treats boogiesBoogies on a Stick, lookin’ oh-so-yummy on their tray.
spooky halloween treats
  • Frozen Ghosts: One that I’ve wanted to try for some time, Frozen Ghosts are really just bananas dipped in white chocolate and frozen. Yum.

I did try to make mine lighter and more ice-creamy by adding a tub of Cool Whip into the melted chocolate, but these were not as easy as I thought they’d be.

Some of my bananas broke when I pulled them out of the chocolate (like that poor, first guy in the photo), so things did get a little messy for Owen and me as we made them this afternoon.spooky halloween treats ghosts

Soon we hit a stride, though, with me doing the chocolate dipping, and Owen adding eyes (and a mouth when he could).

spooky halloween treatsOwen was my right-hand Frozen Ghost makin-man today.

spooky halloween treats

I also had a bunch of extra tiny banana pieces left over, so I dipped them in the chocolate, broke a popsicle stick in half, and gave them eyes–just for fun. Some are really ugly.

I put both trays of ghosts in the freezer and will take them out for an afternoon pre-Trick-or-Treat snack tomorrow!

And that’s it. I like these recipes because they’re easy. They’re funny, and they’re quick. And the huge plus is that they’re all pretty inexpensive.


Spooky Halloween Treat Recipes by teach mama


It’s Dinner in a Pumpkin tomorrow and it’s been super-easy, super spooky Halloween treats all week long!

Many thanks to a handful of sites and books for inspiring our Halloween treats: Family Fun & Family Corner to name just two!




  1. Katie at A List Maker's Life says

    What a bunch of fun ideas for your party. I bet the kids loved it! Way to go mama! {Gagging on the boogies on a stick a bit myself…}

  2. Bruin Mom says

    Just made the monster fingers for a party and they were a huge hit! I saved some time and used baby carrots and they came out just as cute. It was nice to bring a fun and festive treat that was also healthy. Thank you so much for the idea!

  3. says

    I love the eyeballs and the ghosts. But there is no way I will ever make the boogers on a stick. OMG, that’s disgusting (and I’m a mom of all boys!) It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, though :)

    • amy says

      You know what? I’m not sure I’ll make the Boogers on a Stick again, either. Right up there with Squid Dogs if you ask me. Gah!


  4. says

    I’m a little late at discovering this post, but these are GREAT ideas. My sister is a retired kindergarten teacher and I think she will want to go back into the classroom just to make some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Renee says

    Hahaha thats cool love them,
    Thanks for popping By Amy :)
    HEY! do you happen to have a recipe for cooking pumpkin seeds, everyone Iv found were ack LOL

    • amy says

      Hi, Renee!! I don’t have a special recipe for pumpkin seeds….I just let them dry on a tray for a day or two, then I salt them up and bake them at 350 until they’re crispy. I’m sure there are better recipes out there, though… :)

  6. says

    I’ve been telling the kids we’d make banana ghosts for WEEKS and then finally got it all set up today and had a #craftfail / #bakingfail — I caramelized the white chocolate and turned it into brown sugar!!!

    So, I went searching and low and behold the road leads to you, my friend!

    Off to pick up another bar of white baking chocolate today. Any tips for melting it without burning it???

    • amy says

      Candace!!! What a riot–sorry! I’m prone to many a baking fail, too, my friend! I microwaved the white chocolate chips–that’s all I did. I’m sure there’s a more professional way, but I certainly do not know it!

  7. Candace says

    Sigh. That’s what I did…I was going to use the double boiler but figured I would try a shortcut. But I had a bar, not chips. Maybe the chips will work better!

    • amy says

      oh no!!! why would a bar of chocolate be so different??! sorry!! hope they worked out. . .they were NOT easy, by the way. :)


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