take time to give this holiday: #blog4cause

teach your children about giving: #blog4causeWe’re right smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, and it’s hard to slow down at this point.

I totally get that.

Believe me.

But it’s so important that we, as parents, take some time to model for our children the importance of giving this time of the year, when our kids’ brains are so saturated with commercials, ads, sales circulars, and toys. For themselves, of course.

So I encourage you to take a few moments today, while the kids are watching a show or are snuggled up during naptime–or even when all chaos is breaking out around you because most often, that’s the reality of this job–to re-read our original #blog4cause post.

Because we all need reminders.

Here’s the skinny. . .

  • Take Time to Give This Holiday– #blog4cause: Though we’ve started the campaign over six weeks ago, we plan to continue it through the holiday season–after Christmas and up until New Year’s.

Please visit the original #blog4cause post to take a look at causes, ideas, and inspiration for how to teach your family about giving this season.

take time for holiday giving

today is a great time for emptying give jars

Along with Allie McDonald of No Time for Flashcards and Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute, our goal is simple: to empower parents to very simply get their family giving this holiday season. In any way that works for your family.

So far, collectively we have:take time for holiday giving

  • raised over $800;
  • volunteered over 60 hours of our time;
  • donated dozens of food and toy items to charity.

Which is all incredible–but I know we can do more.

So today, how about considering. . .

  • having your kids give a little extra money to the rice bowl at church?
  • encouraging a ‘clean-out’ of your toy boxes–and giving them to a thrift store so another family can buy them this season?
  • baking a few extra batches of cookies to give to your local fire station, hospital, or children’s school?
  • emptying your kids’ give jars and sending the money to a charity of your choice?
  • reading what others have done to give to others–check out the linkey below our main post?
  • working together–as a family–to figure out ways that your family can give to others. . . today.

Many thanks, friends.

Happy, happy, happy holidays to everyone!

Remember when you are finished doing whatever works for your family–and we’re all in different places, so anything and everything counts!–please do visit our linkey and share what you’ve done.  Including a link–if you’re a blogger–or a comment sharing what you’ve done will help inspire others. 

And sharing your giving happiness on our collective #blog4cause tally sheet will help us keep track of the giving awesomeness!




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