best of teach mama countdown: #1 — candy sushi

I know, I know.candy sushi

It kind of makes me laugh, but our how to make candy sushi post has seen quite a bit o’ traffic over the last year.

As part of Maddy’s Cheerleading Birthday Par-tay, candy sushi was a huge hit with the kids and a huge hit with moms. But I suppose it’s also been a huge hit for people around the world who are searching for candy sushi how-to’s.

So it rolls in at numero uno in the best of teach mama countdown, which I think is a bit hysterical being that this is not a foodie blog, a cooking blog, or a candy blog.  We’re more of a learning in the every day blog, with a literacy spin and some crafty-crafts thrown in now and again.

But we are a sweet-tooth family, and this is a pretty fun activity that gets kids involved and using their hands and brains.  And to this day, candy sushi is one of our fave special-occasion snacks.

Here’s the skinny . . .

candy sushi

how to make candy sushi

. . . Totally not a new concept but new for us.

Candy Sushi is my new favorite treat.  It’s one of my all-time faves–Rice Krispie Treats–along with another love of mine, Swedish Fish.  And Fruit Roll-Ups. And gummy worms, bears, or M & M’s.   All wrapped into one happy little sushi roll. . . .

Read the original post for the candy sushi how-to! (And happy, happy sushi-making!)


Though the teach mama top-10 all-time best countdown is now officially ovaaaah (phew!), I think it’s worthwhile to share a few of the other posts that came in very close to the very fancy top-10.   Just for kicks:

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and the whole read-aloud learning series

And that’s it for counting down over here–at least for a long while!  Thanks for hanging in through the top 10 with us! We’ve got a lot of cool, sneaky learning activities around the corner.

Many thanks for reading, and I look forward to an exciting, adventurous, happy and healthy 2012 and beyond!




  1. says

    Teach Mama, Thank you for this amazing site! This Top Ten list was a great way to get to know your blog. I’m addicted, your in my favorites, and my home learning to do list is growing rapidly.

    • amy says

      SHELISA!!! Seriously you made my weekend. My month. My year. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words. Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to getting to know you, my friend!!

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